Alice Chen

Alice Chen

Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer, InvestaX

As a Fintech leader, we have a unique opportunity to advocate for policies and practices that support innovation, protect consumers while ensuring responsible and sustainable growth, and it is for these reasons I volunteer a lot of my time to industry associations and advocacy work. I believe in active citizenship and have always contributed my time to issues and causes I feel passionate about (e.g. empowering women, financial inclusion). Excited by technology's impact on every aspect of life, and a believer in blockchain and building tech that creates a new, better and more inclusive investment universe, I spend a significant amount of my spare time educating and mentoring the Fintech community and ecosystem.

As the current Chair of the Digital Financing Subcommittee of the Singapore Fintech Association, I am intimately involved in setting the tone and agenda for the subcommittee, leading and pushing initiatives which impacts the larger Fintech community. Given my legal background and practical experience, I contribute to the legal community as a member of TechGC - a global community of legal professionals in tech/Fintech. I also actively contribute my time as a mentor to the Fintech and blockchain communities, supporting initiatives such as She Starts Up and Tezos APAC EGG Web3 Incubator to play my part in empowering the next-gen of Web3 founders.

Giving back to the community in these ways is immensely rewarding in a personal as well as professional capacity; knowing that my contributions are helping to shape the future of finance and hopefully leaving a positive impact by increasing awareness and improving industry practices, and fostering a more informed, collaborative, and empowered FinTech ecosystem gives me a profound sense of satisfaction.

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