Carney Mak

Carney Mak

Head of Investment - Fintech, FXHB Asset Management Pte Ltd

A Storied Career

Carney Mak's professional journey is a tapestry of accomplishments. His prior engagement encompassed a dual role, balancing responsibilities at an asset management firm and a derivative trading platform. During his tenure at the asset management firm, Carney steered investment and portfolio management activities pertaining to fintech and cryptocurrency venture capital portfolios, underlining his commitment to innovation and forward-thinking.

A Steady Ascension

Carney embarked on his career odyssey in 2013 with Maybank Investment Banking Group, formerly known as Maybank Kim Eng Securities. This early phase served as the cornerstone for his subsequent accomplishments.

In 2021, Carney Mak took a significant stride in his professional journey by completing an Executive MBA from Quantic Business School, signifying his dedication to continuous personal and professional development.

As a strong advocate for fintech and cryptocurrency since 2017, Carney played his part in the early community building for associations in Singapore. He was part of the subcommittee at (ACCESS) Association of Crypto Currency Enterprise and Startups Singapore, member at (SFA) Singapore Fintech Association, and (BAS) Blockchain Association Singapore.

A Trusted Voice

Carney Mak's insights and expertise have positioned him as a respected authority in the financial domain. He has been a distinguished speaker at prestigious international conferences, including IFX Expo, Bloomberg, and FX Markets Asia. His expert opinions and analyses have graced the pages of esteemed news outlets and resonated across radio stations such as Bloomberg, MoneyFM89.3, Coinlive, Lianhe Zaobao, and Forkast News.

Beyond his professional accolades, Carney generously extends his knowledge by serving as a guest and adjunct lecturer at local polytechnics and universities in Singapore.

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