Hosted Banks & Merchants

SFF MeetUp, Asia’s Largest FinTech Meetings Programme


Join SFF as a Hosted Bank & Merchant

Hosted banks and merchants will receive up to S$750 in travel and hotel reimbursement and a complimentary Hosted Banks & Merchants ticket, which includes all Delegate benefits. Participating in up to 8 hosted meetings (a 2.5-hour commitment) with exhibitors and sponsors is all it takes!

Why Participate?

  • Exclusive Benefits: Receive a free Hosted Buyer ticket with Delegate benefits and up to S$750 in travel and hotel reimbursement.
  • Efficient Meetings: Complete up to 8 double opt-in hosted meetings (both parties want to meet each other), each lasting only 20 minutes.
  • Discover New Solutions: Meet with providers of cutting-edge solutions and technologies designed to advance your organisation's operations and products.

To qualify, you must be responsible for decisions to purchase technologies and other solutions for your organisation and take up to eight (8) 20-minute onsite meetings (called Hosted Meetings) with participating sponsors as part of SFF MeetUp. 

All Hosted Meetings are double opt-in (both parties want to meet each other). As part of Meetup, you can also do additional non-hosted meetings with anyone for any reason.

Hosted Meetings will be held onsite during dedicated hours during Singapore FinTech Festival, and you’ll have some flexibility in letting us know which slots you’re available for. Your final schedule of meetings will be sent to you the week before the event.