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A24 awarded global compliance PCI DSS 4 certification, safeguarding the future of payments, and launches PCI DSS 4 HSSaaS at Singapore Fintech Festival 2023.

A24 announces today that it has successfully been awarded the global compliance Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) version 4.0 for their Multicloud Hardware Security Module as a Service (HSMaaS). This milestone, accomplished well ahead of the 2025 deadline, positions the company as a frontrunner in securing cardholder data and combatting emerging data threats

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additiv Launches Embedded Finance Platform in Southeast Asia

additiv has launched its Embedded Finance platform in Southeast Asia, aiming to enhance financial inclusivity. Showcased at the Singapore Fintech Festival, the platform mirrors the success of Switzerland's Coop Finance+, a retailer app integrating banking, pension, and soon, insurance services from premium financial providers. This solution was launched with additiv's API-first cloud technology.

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Almond FinTech

Almond FinTech Announces Key Partnerships with Leading Financial Institutions. Marking a major milestone as the team prepares for Singapore FinTech Festival

Almond will be showcasing new financial institution partnerships with three leading organizations, including DigiPH (Philippines), Redision (Indonesia), and XPS 247 (United States).Event attendees can learn about seamlessly bridging the worlds of fiat and digital currency, reduce settlement, time, slash costs, and optimize settlements — all while offering new levels of transparency.

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Arthur D. Little

Arthur D. Little Identifies How AI Will Drive the Embedded Finance Market Ahead of SFF 2023

In conjunction with the Singapore Fintech Festival (SFF) 2023, Arthur D. Little (ADL) has published The Intersection Of AI & Financial Services which identifies the ways in which AI is poised to transform embedded finance through better customer journeys, improved risk management and faster fraud detection, and to accelerate the growth of the embedded finance market.

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Bambu Launches Groundbreaking Saas-based Robo-advisor During the Singapore Fintech Festival 2023 and Announces Partnership With Wealthkernel in the Uk

Bambu is launching the World's first SaaS-based Robo-advisor for Financial Advisors during the Singapore FinTech Festival 2023. Financial Institutions don't have to wait six months of developing a platform, spending millions of dollars for it. It is a ready-to-launch solution. Sign up - Configure it - Launch it. Easy as that. The product is fully integrated with a broker/custodian and will be first launched in the UK in partnership with WealthKernel. More information under

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Bank of Canada

New Developments in Regulation for Digital Payments. New regulations will require companies providing payment services to end users in Canada to register with the Bank of Canada

New developments in regulation for digital payments: Under the Retail Payment Activities Act, the Bank of Canada (the Bank)—Canada’s central bank— will supervise payment service providers (PSPs) who perform or direct retail payment activities for end users in Canada, even if they are not located in Canada. These regulations aim to ensure operational risks are well managed and end-user funds are protected. The new developments will foster confidence and competition in the payment industry by facilitating PSPs potential access to Canada’s real time rail (RTR) when launched. PSPs will be required to register with the Bank. Guidance on registration, risk monitoring and enforcement activities to follow. The Bank expects to start registering PSPs in late 2024, with compliance work beginning in 2025. Public consultation with industry is planned for early 2024. For more information, industry pro-fessionals can visit the Bank's booth at the Singapore Fintech Festival 2023.

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Beforepay Releases New Version of Its AI-powered Decision-analytics Platform; Prepares for Overseas Partnerships

SINGAPORE– Beforepay (ASX:B4P), a leading Australian fintech, unveiled its next-generation platform this week at the 2023 Singapore FinTech Festival. Beforepay showcased the Beforepay platform at the Singapore FinTech Festival as it begins exploring overseas partnerships with lenders and fintechs. The new version of the model features improved ensemble capabilities, seasonal factor adjustments, and enhanced transaction categorisation. Calculating 453 separate attributes for each first-time customer and 492 attributes for existing customers, it shows a meaningful upgrade in predictive power from the previous version.

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Chubb Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

Chubb Studio Expands its Digital Integration Capabilities with New B2B2C Developer Portal

Chubb Studio’s new developer portal enable developers to build new digital insurance campaigns and test their applications against a partner's live APIs. The portal also provides an intuitive partner onboarding experience, enabling its partners to quickly and easily embed insurance propositions, products, services and claims experiences alongside their core business.

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Databrackets Set to Empower Fintech Startups at the Singapore Fintech Festival 2023

The success of fintech startups depends on their ability to safeguard sensitive financial data. To help them enhance their global presence, we offer a comprehensive suite of services, including ISO 27001 certification, SOC 2 Readiness & Examination, Compliance with Global Cybersecurity Standards, Ransomware Prevention, Security Tech Consulting, and much more.

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Real World Asset Tokenisation and Infrastructure

"Defactor introduces 'Pools,' enabling businesses to access liquidity via decentralised lending campaigns. Additionally, a strategic partnership in Latin America is announced. The teaser of a tokenised treasury bill product, anticipates a significant future addition to their RWA Tools & Infrastructure"

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Dobin Pte Ltd

AI-powered Dobin to Unveil Groundbreaking "Financial Insights" Feature at Singapore Fintech Festival

Dobin introduces the launch of "Financial Insights", a groundbreaking feature designed to address inflation-driven stresses such as rising utility bills and growing everyday expenses, enabling Singaporeans to regain financial control. Led by experienced co-founders, the innovation draws on extensive experience that includes advising major banks and scaling a 150-million-downloads app.

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EzyRemit Worldwide

EzyRemit Expands Its Global Footprint with New Office in Tokyo, Japan

EzyRemit's latest expansion into Japan, marked by the opening of a new Tokyo office, brings its remittance services to over 50 countries. This strategic move enhances global financial accessibility, fostering innovation and opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.

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Fexco Group

Fexco Group Announces Expansion into the Singaporean Market

Fexco Group, an Irish financial and tech services company, is entering the Singaporean fintech market with a new regional headquarters. Leveraging its four decades of fintech expertise, Fexco aims to grow in Southeast Asia, doubling its market presence in two years. Already established in Asia Pacific, the move aligns with Singapore's status as a fintech hub. Fexco's growth trajectory includes a 47% increase in its Dynamic Currency Conversion product and the recent launch of PACE, an aviation finance solution for carbon emissions analysis. Singapore's booming digital investment sector and rising ATM adoption further support the strategic move.

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Taiwan Pavilion Showcases Cutting-Edge FinTech Innovation at Singapore FinTech Festival 2023

The spotlight shines on the Taiwan Pavilion (Booth No. 6D25) at the prestigious Singapore FinTech Festival, where FinTechSpace, the Taiwan Fintech Hub, orchestrates an impressive showcase of Taiwan's technological innovation in the global FinTech market. This marks their fifth consecutive participation in this renowned event.

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Fintelite Introduces Revolutionary Corporate Banking Hyper-Personalization Solution at the Singapore Fintech Festival 2023

Fintelite debuts its Corporate Banking Hyper-Personalization solution at SFF 2023 as part of MAS's AI in Finance Global Challenge, emphasizing industry innovation. The product tackles missed revenue opportunity due to lack of AI-powered personalization model in banking.

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Flagright Unveils Revolutionary AI Forensics at Singapore FinTech Festival: Augmenting AML Compliance Teams with Advanced Generative AI

Introducing Flagright AI Forensics - AI Forensics helps fintechs & banks scale volume without scaling headcount in AML compliance & fraud teams. Seamlessly built-into the standard case management system, AI forensics conducts investigations on its own, while keeping analysts in charge for final reviews or important decisions. It learns from internal policies, procedures, and past case dispositions to improve itself, delivering unmatched capabilities and extreme performance for financial crime fighters, globally! Flagright’s AI philosophy is to eliminate tasks, not humans. The AI Forensics is made for AML compliance & fraud prevention teams to maximize performance and investigation quality. It’s capable of serving millions of real-life use case in miliseconds. You can talk to it and ask questions just like a member of your team, except it can process information much faster. As a pioneer of generative AI applications in the fight against financial crime, Flagright’s latest offering is a testament of our commitment to empowering financial institutions globally. Visit to learn more and join our customers that trust Flagright across 6 continents. Experience best-in-class, next generation software to minimize risk and maximize growth!

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FOMO Pay Secures License in Hong Kong, Positioned for Further Growth In the Region

FOMO Pay, a leading major payment institution headquartered in Singapore, today announced that the company has successfully obtained a Money Service Operator (MSO) License issued by the Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department. With the new license, FOMO Pay is planning to launch payment and remittance businesses in Hong Kong, facilitating businesses in enhancing their global collection and global payout processes. This sets the stage for an expanded regional presence and signifies another key milestone in FOMO Pay’s business growth.

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GAIT Global

GAIT Global Unveils National-Level Reports Unlocking Sustainable Finance Opportunities in Tonga and Samoa

GAIT Global's national-level reports reveal promising sustainable finance opportunities in Tonga and Samoa, offering the FinTech community and the SFF audience insights into blue and green nature-based carbon projects, investment potential, and environmental impact.

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Introducing FintechXpndr: Accelerating International Expansion for Fintechs.

HM and Braithwate have launched FintechXpndr, a one-stop-shop to facilitate international expansion for fintechs.

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HSBC Singapore

HSBC partners with Antler to support the growth of the next generation of entrepreneurs and startups

HSBC Singapore today announced at The Singapore Fintech Festival 2023 a partnership with Antler, the world’s most active early-stage venture capital (VC) firm , to facilitate the growth of Southeast Asian innovation companies and entrepreneurs based in Singapore. This collaboration aims to provide startups and founders that are a part of Antler’s network access to financial expertise and banking solutions such as preferred business banking accounts, venture debt and working capital facilities designed to support their needs and enable their growth and future expansion.

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IBV Pte. Ltd. (iChange)

Singapore Fintech iChange Sets New Standards for Currency Exchange and Forex Services

iChange, the world's first money changers marketplace, is rewriting the rules of currency exchange at the Singapore FinTech Festival 2023. This innovative platform empowers users with real-time rate comparisons, multi-currency wallet and secure payments via the iChange Mastercard. With a soaring user base of over 10,000 KYC completed customers in just four months, iChange is not stopping here. The app aims to reach 100,000 downloads in two years and is eyeing international expansion.

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Innov8tif Solutions

Innov8tif Set to Make Waves at the 2023 Singapore FinTech Festival

Innov8tif Solutions, a leading ASEAN eKYC provider, is set to showcase their latest breakthrough solutions at the Singapore FinTech Festival 2023. The company's recent merger with Xendity has positioned them at the forefront of eKYC providers, offering a comprehensive ID assurance process. With their recently launched EMAS CIDA solution. Innov8tif invites attendees to explore their booth, highlighting their commitment to shaping the future of secure, efficient, and compliant financial services.

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Investbanq Introduces Groundbreaking Digital Investment Platform at Singapore Fintech Festival 2023

Investbanq, a pioneering force in the ever-evolving fintech landscape, proudly introduces its groundbreaking digital investment platform, driven by advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. This transformative platform opens doors to a vast array of asset categories, including equities, fixed-income securities, private funds, infrastructure, venture investments, and features strategic plans for future integration of digital assets.

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Italian Trade Agency

Italian FinTech Innovation Takes Centrestage at the Singapore Fintech Festival 2023

Singapore FinTech Festival 2023 will host the Italian Trade Agency for the 2nd time, to coordinate an official Italian Pavilion with the support of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and in collaboration with the Italian Association of the FinTech Sector (AssofinTech) and the Bank of Italy. The pavilion spans 54 square meters and is located at booth 6F25 in Singapore Expo, Hall 6. Within this pavilion, 9 Italian companies will showcase their fintech innovations to a global audience. The list of participating companies includes EvenFi srl, FAIRTILE srl, HODLIE srl, MyMoney, Notarify, Scaling Parrots – IBCorp srl, SOLID srl, The Nemesis by Undo Studios IT srl, and WAVENURE s.r.l. (Refer to Annex A for the full list of Italian companies and description).

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New AI-powered Research from Matter Unveils how ESG News Drives Market Behaviour

Matter publishes AI-powered research that demonstrates how investors in sustainable companies expose themselves to specific market risks and shows how ESG-trained AI can spot and help reduce these risks in ESG portfolios.

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Market Simplified

Revolutionizing APAC Finance: Market Simplified Introduces Nitro XP at Singapore FinTech Fest

Market Simplified, a pioneering provider of cutting-edge enterprise financial solutions, is thrilled to unveil Nitro XP, a groundbreaking Low-Code Application Platform (LCAP) meticulously designed for the ever-evolving APAC market.

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Monoova partnership helps world’s first universal payments platform, Optty, launch real-time payments in Australia

The world’s first universal payments platform Optty has partnered with Australia’s largest PayTo provider Monoova to gain access to Australia's payment rails, including PayTo, PayID, BPAY, and online card payments, all via Monoova’s API.

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Moolahgo Pte Ltd

Moolahgo Unveils Shizu: Simplified Digital Payments with Human-Centric AI Interface

Moolahgo, a leading multi-currency digital payments specialist in Singapore, is proud to launch "Shizu", a groundbreaking client interface for Moolahgo's multi-currency payments platform. Shizu boasts advanced AI capabilities, understanding natural language, operating in multiple dialects, and adeptly handling user input and imperfections.

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MCO Showcases Communications Compliance at Singapore FinTech Festival 2023.

At Singapore FinTech Festival 2023, MCO will showcase its integrated compliance solutions, focusing on communication compliance tools. These AI-driven solutions help firms manage risk and maintain ethical cultures, aligning with the festival's theme. MCO's participation reflects its substantial growth in the Asia-Pacific market and recent industry accolades. Visit their booth at the International Pavilion in Hall 5 to learn more about their innovative RegTech and compliance offerings.

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NORDEK to Exhibit its Leading Blockchain Solutions at Singapore Fintech Festival 2023

NORDEK's participation in the Singapore Fintech Festival 2023 promises to provide valuable insights and inspiration to the audience. Attendees will learn about innovative blockchain solutions, user-friendly technology, and the convergence of sports and technology through NORDEK's partnership with the Netherlands Cricket Team.

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Oasis Pro and InvestaX

Industry Pioneers Partner to Deliver Increased Distribution Opportunities for Tokenized Real World Assets

Strategic partnership between US based and Singapore based tokenization and digital asset trading platforms increases accessibility for investors and issuers.Oasis Pro, fintech infrastructure provider and InvestaX, licensed real world asset tokenization platform, today announced during the Singapore Fintech Festival, a partnership that epitomizes one of the founding ethos of the digital asset ecosystem - increasing accessibility for both investors and issuers.

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Oliver Wyman Forum

Tokenizing Payments Is A Multi-Billion-Dollar Risk, And Opportunity, For Big Banks

Distributed ledger technology promises to unleash competition in managing high value payments, financings, and investments, putting up to $50 billion of revenueat risk for global banks but creating even larger opportunities in new products liketokenization of real world assets, according to a new report from the Oliver Wyman Forum.

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Optimai Pte Ltd

Home grown FinTech Innovator Optimai Unveils Groundbreaking Portfolio AI Copilot (PAT) at Singapore FinTech Week

"Singapore FinTech Festival 2023: Optimai Unleashes a Game-Changer - Portfolio AI Copilot (PAT)!Get ready for a FinTech revolution! Singapore's very own Optimai is set to dazzle at Singapore FinTech Week with its groundbreaking Optimai Portfolio Management & Analytics System, supercharged by Portfolio AI Copilot (PAT). Powered by Gen AI and built on the rock-solid foundation of Investment Data Warehouse, Interactive Dashboard, and REAP, this innovation will reshape how asset and wealth managers thrive. Optimai's glittering record of awards underscores its unyielding dedication to excellence in the world of FinTech."

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ParallelChain Lab

Introducing ParallelChain FinTech360: A Synergetic Ecosystem of Blockchain-AI Solutions

ParallelChain Lab is excited to announce the launch of FinTech360 at Singapore FinTech Festival 2023. FinTech360 is a comprehensive collection of FinTech and RegTech solutions, powered by cutting-edge blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. This synergetic ecosystem of tools works together seamlessly, bringing frictionless user experience and operational automation to the entire business process — from onboarding to customer relationship management, from compliance to internal data security.

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Partior Publishes Whitepaper on Transforming Global Financial Market Infrastructure

Today, Partior, the global unified ledger market infrastructure for clearing and settlement, released its Transforming Financial Market Infrastructure whitepaper, outlining its approach to addressing challenges inherent in the current payment infrastructure, and redefining cross-border money movements as we know it.

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PayMate Expands Global Footprint across Asia Pacific, Consolidating Position as Leading Global B2B Payments Provider .Goes live in 3 key markets – Singapore, Malaysia, and Australia

PayMate announced collaborations in Singapore, Malaysia, and Australia, where it recently launched operations. In Australia, they have partnered with a company in the construction industry. In Malaysia, they teamed up with a company to offer credit card payments to resellers. In Singapore, PayMate integrated to streamline payment processes using virtual cards.

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Pundi X Labs

Pundi X Revolutionizes Physical Point-of-Sale Payment Experience at Singapore FinTech Festival

Pundi X introduces "Pay via Email" on its XPOS platform at the Singapore Fintech Festival, revolutionizing cryptocurrency transactions. This feature allows customers to use email addresses for payments, enhancing convenience and efficiency. Global accessibility, flexible payment options, and invoicing for online transactions underscore Pundi X's commitment to transforming decentralized finance

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Pundi X Labs

Leap Pay and Pundi X to Showcase Crypto Innovation at Singapore FinTech Festival, Paving the Way for Seamless Web3-driven Commerce

Leap Pay collaborates with Pundi X at the Singapore Fintech Festival, presenting a user-friendly solution for physical retail merchants to handle cryptocurrency transactions. The partnership emphasizes regulatory compliance, global payment ecosystem creation, and showcases innovative integration of Leap Pay's expertise with Pundi X's blockchain technology, fostering the widespread adoption of digital assets.

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Rakkar Digital

Bank-Backed Rakkar Digital Partners with OpenEden to Provide Security & Compliant Exposure to Tokenized RWA

Rakkar Digital, a qualified custody provider for institutions backed by Siam Commercial Bank’s SCB10X, today announced its strategic partnership with OpenEden, days after their announcement of their Singapore Fintech Festival 2023 sponsorship. This collaboration is set to redefine and innovate the landscape of digital assets, offering institutions an unparalleled blend of security from a bank-grade qualified custodian, and accessibility to transparency and liquid asset mediums.

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Solv Foundation

Solv Foundation Unveils Project DESFT: A Blockchain-Based Digital Credential Solution for Financial Inclusion

Solv Foundation, with the support from Monetary Authority of Singapore and Bank of Ghana, unveiled Project DESFT at the 2023 Singapore FinTech Festival, a blockchain-based platform for digital credentials, enhancing global trade access for developing nations' MSMEs, with unique features like 'Controllable Transparency' and alignment with Universal Trusted Credential standards.

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SymphonyAI Sensa-NetReveal

SymphonyAI Introduces Breakthrough Predictive and Generative AI-Powered Case Management for Financial Crime Investigation in Asia Pacific

Annoucing the availability of Sensa Investigation Hub, a generative AI-enabled investigation and case management platform that propels financial institutions into the future of financial crime management in Asia Pacific

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TerraPay and Maya partner to empower seamless money transfers for Filipinos, worldwide

TerraPay, a global cross-border payments network, has forged ties with Maya, a fintech ecosystem in the Philippines that offers an advanced digital bank, consumer finance app, and merchant acquiring and payments processing. This collaboration aims to make international remittances more accessible, convenient, and secure for Filipinos across the world.

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The National Bank of Cambodia

The National Bank of Cambodia Partners Ant International for Interoperable Inbound and Outbound Cross-Border Mobile Payments

The National Bank of Cambodia has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Ant International to promote inbound and outbound cross-border mobile payments. The signing was presided over by H.E. Dr. Chea Serey, Governor of the National Bank of Cambodia and Mr. Douglas Feagin, Senior Vice President of Ant Group and Head of Alipay+, Ant International, today at the Singapore Fintech Festival.

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World Scientific Publishing

Book Launch and Meet the Author Sessions: “The FinTech Nation: Excellence Unlocked in Singapore” at Singapore FinTech Festival 2023, 15-17 November 2023.

Embark on an exhilarating journey through the dynamic world of FinTech in the heart of Asia with "The FinTech Nation: Excellence Unlocked in Singapore". This captivating book unveils the secrets behind Singapore's meteoric rise as a global financial powerhouse.

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ST Engineering

ST Engineering Expands Digital and Cybersecurity Solutions to help Financial Services Organisations Advance Digital Transformation

Announces collaboration with Elevandi to support FinTechs and drive the adoption of transformative technologies

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Elevandi and UNHCR partner to empower refugee artisans to generate sustainable income through support programs, globally

Elevandi, a non-for-profit entity set up by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, and UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, has announced a new partnership at the Singapore FinTech Festival, to support skills training and creation of employment opportunities for refugees around the world.

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HSBC Singapore

HSBC deepens support for Singapore’s business community with the launch of Business Go

HSBC Business Go is a B2B digital platform offering dynamic features to help local businesses expand overseas, optimise business operations, and collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs across four markets: Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and India. A key feature of HSBC Business Go is International Navigator, an all-in-one knowledge hub, that provides essential market and business insights supporting entrepreneurs’ overseas expansion needs.

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Sygnum Pte Ltd

Bordier Signs on as Sygnum Singapore’s First B2B Partner Bank at the Singapore Fintech Festival

The Singapore arm of Bordier & Cie, a leading Swiss private bank founded in 1844, today announces a partnership with Sygnum Singapore to provide digital asset services.The 179-year-old private bank is Sygnum Singapore’s first B2B partner bank. Partnership will allow Bordier to leverage Sygnum’s institutional-grade custody, risk management and off-balance sheet digital assets.

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Green FinTechs a promising new growth area in ASEAN: FinTech in ASEAN 2023 report

UOB, PwC Singapore, and the Singapore FinTech Association have jointly released the FinTech in ASEAN 2023 report, which highlights the fact that the region has seen significant investor interest in sustainability despite uncertain macroeconomic conditions.

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