Ken Guo

Ken Guo

Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Reluvate Technologies

Ken Guo is the Founder and CEO of Reluvate Technologies, where he stands at the forefront of digital transformation, driving innovative solutions that redefine business operations in the contemporary digital era. His academic achievements include a double degree in Business Management and Information Systems from Singapore Management University, providing him with a blend of corporate insight and technological savvy. Renowned for his strategic foresight, Ken has a unique ability to both anticipate and shape the evolving juncture of technology and business.

Ken's expertise encompasses financial acumen, strategic innovation, and a profound comprehension of digital transformation within the consumer goods sector. He has diligently refined his ability to weave emerging technologies into conventional business frameworks. His skill in the deployment of Artificial Intelligence and Automation not only boosts operational efficiency but also fosters a culture that values creative and strategic thought.

Central to Ken's professional philosophy is his pursuit to transform businesses into autonomous entities, employing AI and automation to liberate human capital. This empowers employees to commit to impactful work that surpasses mundane tasks.

Ken's litany of achievements offers a clear testament to his influence within the industry. In an exceptionally short time frame, he has engaged in comprehensive discussions with preeminent figures from various sectors, affording him an extraordinary understanding of the crucial elements and trajectory of digital transformation. Under his leadership, Reluvate Technologies has broadened its scope, serving an array of clients from multinational corporations to non-profits, spanning over 20 industries across three markets. The company has honed its focus on AI and automation and has recently expanded its initiatives to encompass large language models such as GPT. In alignment with its commitment to internationalisation, Reluvate is establishing its North Asia headquarters in Japan, thereby reinforcing its regional presence.

Ken's strategic vision extends beyond domestic achievements; under his stewardship, Reluvate Technologies has embarked on substantial international ventures. The setting up of its North Asia headquarters in Japan is indicative of this international strategy, ensuring Reluvate's commanding presence in the Asian marketplace and emphasising Ken's stature as a global influencer in the technology domain.

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