David Lee

Professor David Lee

Chairman, Global FinTech Institute

David LEE Kuo Chuen is a Professor of Fintech and Blockchain at the Singapore  University of Social Sciences (SUSS), a Distinguished Professor at Shanghai  University of Finance and Economics, an Adjunct Professor at the National University  of Singapore (NUS), a founding Council Member of the British Blockchain Association, and Editor-in-Chief or Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Fintech and Annual  Review of Fintech. 

Meanwhile, Professor LEE is also an internationally renowned scholar and  industry opinion leader in the field of blockchain, an expert in the development of  WEB3 and Artificial Intelligence (AI) application scenarios, the Chairman of the  Global FinTech Institute (GFI), a co-founder of the Singapore Blockchain Association,  a co-founder of the Blockchain Security Alliance and Global Web3 Association, a  CBDC advisor to the Asian Development Bank, Vice President of the Economic  Society of Singapore (ESS), a cryptocurrency advisor to the Asian Institute of Digital  Finance (AIDF) of NUS, an advisor to the SUSS Node for inclusive FinTech (NiFT),  an independent director of several listed companies in Singapore, an angel investor in  blockchain, WEB3, inclusive finance and AI innovation, a senior advisor and  Investment Committee member of Artichoke Capital which is backed by institutional  limited partners, including sovereign wealth and family office funds. 

Professor LEE previously served as a Senior Advisor to the Provost of Singapore  Management University (SMU), Diector of the Sim Kee Boon Institute for Financial  Economic (SKBI) in Singapore, a member of the Research Council of the Monetary  Authority of Singapore (MAS), a member of the Technical Advisory Committee of  Ping An OneConnect, an independent director of Lu Global in Singapore, and long  taught at the Mayor's Class in Singapore. In addition, Professor LEE served as an  international consultant to the Distributed Trust Research Project at Stanford University,  Group MD of listed companies OUE Enterprise and Auric Pacific, a Fellow at Harvard  University - National University of Singapore (1991-1993), a Fulbright Scholar at  Stanford University in 2015, the founder of hedge fund Ferrell Asset Management, and  the founder of real estate developer Ferrell Residences.

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