Ritika Dusad

Dr Ritika Dusad

Chief Innovation Officer & Executive Director, Nucleus Software Exports Limited

Dr. Ritika Dusad is the Chief Innovation Officer at Nucleus Software and works on driving transformative initiatives by aligning the overall business strategy with innovation. Her approach is to adopt the latest data-based models to simplify customer processes, enabling them to make decisions based on insights derived from data analytics. She is passionate about conducting in-depth analysis of the latest trends sweeping the financial services industry and proactively providing innovative approaches to product development and deployment.
In her previous role as Head of Marketing, she helped develop and execute initiatives to accomplish financial growth and brand visibility for the company. She is an expert at evaluating long-term trends and market intelligence to maintain business model innovation.
Dr. Ritika Dusad has an illustrious educational background, all leading to her expertise in innovation. She completed her undergraduate studies at the University of California, Los Angeles and thereafter pursued a PhD in Physics at Cornell University, USA. She has been awarded the prestigious Springer Thesis Award, which recognizes outstanding PhD research. After completing her PhD, she worked on quantum magnetism at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, managed by UC Berkeley, as a postdoctoral researcher. As a researcher in Low Temperature Physics, she lived and led innovation for seven years, setting a benchmark by publishing her research paper in the renowned journal "Nature".
Dr. Dusad joined the Nucleus Board in July 2016. She has been contributing to the board deliberations by highlighting the importance of diversity and inclusion, as well as areas such as governance, CSR, and the importance of creating the right structure and environment for world-class research.

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