Keith Carter

Professor Keith Carter

Partner, Emerging Technology, KBC Global Partners

Keith specializes in Leadership and Talent Development within Emerging Technologies. He formerly served as an Associate Professor at the National University of Singapore's School of Computing, where he established both the NUS FinTech Lab and the deep tech CRYSTAL Centre. In his current roles, he demonstrates a diverse range of leadership and advisory capacities:
- Managing Partner at KBC Global Partners, Singapore
- Founder of JustAskProf, a generative AI firm, Singapore
- Board Member at DEC Institute, Switzerland
- Member of the Bretton Woods Committee, Washington DC

He also lends his expertise to companies and governments, advising on data-driven decision-making strategies.

Keith is the author of the Amazon Best Seller "Actionable Intelligence," which was published by Wiley.

Before his tenure at NUS, Keith gained industry experience at Estee Lauder in Supply Chain Management and at Andersen Consulting in Financial Services.

He holds an MBA from Cornell University and a Bachelor's degree in Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York.

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