Lu Jianfeng

Lu Jianfeng

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer, WIZ.AI

Jianfeng Lu is a serial entrepreneur, co-founder and chairman of WIZ.AI. He founded WIZ.AI in Singapore in 2019, and now the company grows to be a leading Generative AI company in Southeast Asia, providing hyper-localised and omnichannel customer engagement solutions.

Driven by a top-notch local tech team, WIZ.AI's intelligent platform facilitates over a million automated customer interactions hourly, enabling exceptional customer service and strong business ROI. With a growing international presence, WIZ.AI caters to over 300 clients across 17 nations, with Fortune 500 companies and unicorn start-ups accounting for 60% of its clientele.

Jianfeng was the former head of China R&D at Trend Micro Inc, and the former VP of Qihu 360 Inc (NYSE: QIHU). As an active angel investor across China, U.S and SEA, he has invested over 10 portfolios of enterprise service and AI, and three unicorn companies.

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