Kristián Samler

Kristián Samler

Managing Director, Titans s.r.o.

As a seasoned professional in the field of Information Technology, I have consistently demonstrated a strong commitment to excellence and innovation throughout my career. With a background that spans over a decade in various leadership roles, I have amassed invaluable experience and insights into the dynamic world of IT.

Currently serving as the Managing Director of TITANS, a position I've held since February 2020, I've been instrumental in shaping the organization's strategic direction. TITANS is a company specializing in providing IT freelancers to various customers, facilitating seamless access to the skilled professionals needed to drive IT projects to success. This role has provided me with the opportunity to engage in diverse activities, from strategic planning and operational oversight to cultivating essential relationships with key stakeholders. My focus has been on charting a course for the company's long-term growth, continuously adapting to changing market conditions, and ensuring operational efficiency.

My journey to this point included a significant tenure as the Chief Sales Officer at MyQ, an experience that provided me with invaluable insights. During my time there, I recognized the crucial need for having the right IT capacity in place to deliver products to customers in a timely manner and with the required quality. This experience deepened my understanding of the importance of IT resources and their strategic alignment with business goals.

Now, you might wonder why I'm seeking to become a Pay it Forward mentor at the Singapore Fintech Festival. The reason is straightforward: I'm driven to share critical information on the global trend of IT freelancing as an alternate way for businesses to streamline their IT capacities. This trend, which has been steadily gaining momentum, offers organizations a pathway to tap into a diverse pool of global IT talent. By embracing freelancing, companies can effectively allocate resources, meet project deadlines, and maintain the high-quality standards demanded by today's IT landscape.

As someone who has benefited greatly from mentorship, I am motivated to give back to the IT community. Not only that I want to share my knowledge and experiences but it's also important to me to hear the opinions and experiences of mentees and the wider community attending the festival. I believe this open dialogue will contribute to the collective knowledge and might even potentially set the foundation for the development of business relationships as well as IT know-how sharing between Europe and Southeast Asia.

In conclusion, my extensive background in IT leadership, strategic planning, and international experience equips me with a unique perspective and skill set that I am eager to share with aspiring professionals. I'm excited to join the Pay it Forward mentorship program and, in doing so, support the growth and development of the IT community while providing guidance on navigating the global IT freelancing landscape.

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