Li Xiang

Dr Li Xiang

Chief Strategic Officer, Greenland Financial Technology Group

Li Xiang, Chief Strategic Officer of Greenland Financial Technology Group, and Executive Dean of Greenland Institute of Digital Economic Industry. As a Ph.D. in Industrial Economics from Fudan University and a Certified Public Accountant(CPA), Li Xiang has nearly two decades of experience in fields such as industrial research, corporate strategic planning, and equity investment management. As a project leader, he has provided industrial research, corporate consulting, and strategic planning services to several Fortune 500 conglomerates and publicly listed companies, including Wuchan Zhongda Group, Shanghai Zhangjiang Group, Jinjiang Hotel Group, Greenland Group. His expertise spans various research areas, including real estate, park development, commerce, hospitality, finance, digital economy, ESG, carbon neutrality, and others. He has authored over 30 articles in domestic and international business publications and has been a guest speaker on numerous Chinese financial television programs.

Currently, he serves as an alumni mentor at Management School of Fudan University, an industry mentor at Fudan University Fanhai International School of Finance, and an industry mentor for the MBA program of Shanghai University.

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