Sigrid Rouam

Dr Sigrid Rouam

Head of AI, Analytics & Reporting, UBS

The world can be a better place if data-driven insights and decision making is accessible to more people. My passion is to spread the use of AI & data science in and outside my organization to enable better decisions and create bigger impact to business and society. Hence, I devote time to coach young entrepreneurs and those new to the field of AI. I am also partnering with local universities to understand how to grow and nurture the next generation and am currently an advisor in Data Analytics at SMU. I am active in the start-up community as an advisor and mentor and have been appointed Fintech mentor for the SFF in the past few years. I was also a judge and mentor for the Women World Banking Association in 2021 Fintech Innovation Challenge that highlights projects serving unbanked and underserved women in order to build their security and prosperity in the face of global inequalities. I have coached, trained and guide many aspiring data scientists at different stages of their careers, both in Singapore and overseas (e.g. GDEXA, Odyssey x She Loves Data).

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