Ashley Koh

Ashley Koh

Chief Operating Officer, Spark Systems

First 10 years on Wall Street in New York (JPMorgan and BlackRock) and past 10 decades in FinTech (M-DAQ, MatchMove and Spark Systems). All FinTechs are portfolio companies of Vickers Ventures, I am always in the Chief Operating Officer role, growing the company from sub-20 employees to highest employees at Matchomve of over 150 people in 6 countries.

Not only looking to be a mentor for other women, but to anyone who has questions to ask in terms of what they have done, what they would like to do next and how to get there. I am not offering advice per se, but more in terms of my perspectives from my experience so they can make their own decisions. Can cover the hard skills and soft skills aspects of their career questions. One other thing is people seem to have a bias mentees are younger people (in their 20s and 30s) but there is are many people above 40 who are in a different life season who are also looking for different goals in the next stage of their lives and career.
Can also speak to people who only have financial institution experience, and thinking about joining the FinTech industry. Many corporate people are interested but hesitant to join the "newer industry".

My perspective on mentorship:

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