Bo Chen

Bo Chen

Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer, Xendit

Bo Chen is the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Xendit, a payments company based in Southeast Asia. He is responsible for overseeing the overall product and technology infrastructure of the company. Bo and his team have built the product and technology infrastructure from scratch.

Bo graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with double majors in computer science and electrical engineering. He also had a brief stint as a software engineer at Ripple, a fintech blockchain startup based in San Francisco, before co-founding Xendit.

Under Bo's leadership, Xendit has introduced a variety of payment products that have helped over 5,000 businesses, ranging from small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to larger enterprises, in Indonesia, The Philippines, Malaysia, and other Southeast Asian countries. These products simplify fragmented payment solutions for businesses.

Xendit has .been the first to market in Indonesia for building API payouts, Platform Accounts, and Name Validation. In the Philippines, Xendit has been the first to market for API direct debit. Bo firmly believes that innovation in the payments infrastructure layer can have life-changing impacts on business owners and their countries' socioeconomic status. He points to successful examples in mature payments markets like China, Singapore, and India.

In 2022, Xendit achieved more than $20 billion in combined payments volume and processed over 200 million transactions for merchants across the region. Bo sees this as just the beginning of expanding economic participation and equitability for the region. He aims to provide SMEs and startups with the same access to powerful payments technology that is available to larger enterprises, in order to drive further growth and inclusion

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