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Seoul Fintech Lab is a fintech startup supporting institution providing an incubating and accelerating program and completely funded by the Seoul Metropolitan Government.
As part of its mission, Seoul Fintech Lab provides a collaborative space for startups, entrepreneurs, and other stakeholders in the fintech ecosystem to exchange ideas and develop new products and services. The lab also partners with leading financial institutions and regulators to promote innovation and create new business opportunities.
In 2023, Seoul Fintech Lab is focused on several key initiatives. First, the lab aims to promote open innovation by facilitating partnerships between startups and established companies. Second, it plans to expand its reach globally, building on its success in Korea to become a leading fintech hub in Asia and beyond. Finally, Seoul Fintech Lab is committed to driving regulatory innovation, working with regulators to create a supportive environment for innovation and ensuring that new fintech products and services meet high standards of security and consumer protection.
Overall, Seoul Fintech Lab is playing a critical role in driving innovation and growth in the fintech industry. Its commitment to open innovation, global expansion, and regulatory innovation will continue to drive its success in the years ahead.


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