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This year, the Singapore FinTech Festival (SFF) will proudly celebrate its 5th year anniversary. Since its inception, SFF has championed the challenging topics that our industry faces, from financial inclusion to green technologies and sustainability, and this year SFF will celebrate our raison d’etre – People and Talent.

This year’s FinTech Festival will shine a spotlight on:

  • the pioneers who have blazed new trails and made a difference;
  • the rising tech stars with the potential to shape the post-COVID financial sector; and
  • individuals who have overcome obstacles to create new opportunities for society.

People will be at the heart of the festival, shaping our conference agenda and inspiring our community activities that drive talent development, reskilling and upskilling of the financial and tech workforce. This is vital to helping us as a society get back on its feet in 2021 and beyond.


People and Talent will be critical to addressing five global challenges. These will be addressed at the FinTech Festival through a dedicated Summit on each of the five days:

  • recovering from the pandemic – Economic Summit;
  • creating the infrastructure for a digital economy – Infrastructure Summit;
  • enhancing inclusion and sustainability – Impact Summit;
  • restoring investors’ confidence – Investor Summit; and
  • building skills for the future – Talent Summit.

DEC 7: Economic Summit

State of the Economy
  • Government leaders dialogue
  • Macro and micro trends
  • Emerging secular trends
2021 Path to Recovery
  • COVID-driven digital transformation in financial services and beyond
  • Looking ahead to 2021
  • Long term societal and cultural transformation and its impact on conducting business
Re-framing the New Financial Services Landscape
  • Commercial value chains in financial services: identifying disruption & pockets of value (lending, payments, capital markets, insurance, pensions)
  • The rise of Digital banking licenses and the likely impact Embedded finance

DEC 8: Infrastructure Summit

Foundational digital infrastructure
  • Foundational digital infrastructures to support national digital strategies in a post Covid-19 World: Digital identity, trusted data exchange, citizen centric consent, interoperable payments
  • Public and private infrastructure collaborations
  • Building open ecosystems
Distributed ledger and digital currency
  • Central bank and private sector digital currencies propositions
AI & 5G
  • Revolutionary impact on financial services
  • The value and interplay of blockchain and cloud, machine learning and 5G in 2021 and beyond
  • Future of AI
  • The changing cybersecurity needs in a co-Covid-19 world
  • Fraud and data protection
Regulation (RegTech, SupTech) & Policy
  • Policies to drive innovation and efficiencies in a co-Covid-19 world
  • The unbundling of regulation to stimulate industry activity
  • Regional cross-border collaboration

DEC 9: Impact Summit

Green & Sustainable Finance
  • The next wave of green finance initiatives
  • Rise of tech-based ESG evaluation methods
  • Sustainable investment models and impact investing
Financial Inclusion
  • SMEs: Digital tools and the digitisation of supply chains
  • Digital tools to support individuals
  • The last mile for the financially excluded: micro-pension & micro-insurance
Responsible Tech
  • Current national and industry sector approaches
  • Designing a new social contract for data and tech. Defining the role of data and tech in society, implications for governance and understanding the benefits and risks

DEC 10: Investor Summit

2021 Investor priorities
  • Pandemic impact on FinTech Investments and valuations
  • Liquidity in a co-covid world
  • Investment interdepencies from seed to growth stage
Fundraising and exit strategies
  • FinTech by segment: the winning and losing categories
  • A comparison of exit strategies by region
  • Investors focus for 2021
FinTech Showcase
  • Global Hackcelerator finalists
  • FinTech Awards winners
  • Partner demo days

DEC 11: Talent Summit

Founders success and failure stories
  • Personal entrepreneurial journeys
  • Personal Intrapreneurial journeys
Pandemic impact on founders’ strategy
  • Founder strategies and tactics for survival
  • Founder strategies and tactics for growth
Talent development, upskilling and reskilling
  • National level response to upskilling and reskilling the financial services workforce
  • Industry level response to upskilling and reskilling the financial services workforce
  • Understanding industry needs and skills gaps over the next decade and the future of work