Anna-Naomi Bandi-Lang

Dr Anna-Naomi Bandi-Lang

Executive Director, Digital Assets Structuring, UBS

Dr. Anna-Naomi Bandi-Lang serves as an Executive Director in the Global Securities Trading team at UBS Investmentbank. With over a decade at UBS, she initially contributed six years to different Legal departments setting the stage for her transition to Global Securities Trading. In this role, Anna-Naomi has expanded her expertise to cover pivotal areas like Digital Assets, Tokenization, Digital, and traditional Capital Markets. As a capital markets lawyer and structurer, she has actively integrated blockchain solutions in capital market solutions. Her vast experience with digital assets such as the tokenization of Structured Products or Bonds underscores her proficiency in the sector. Her knowledge in legal and regulatory matters coupled with deep insights into capital markets, supports UBS's strides in the digital finance arena. 

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