Gaurav VK Singhvi

CA Gaurav VK Singhvi

Co-founder & Chief Financial Officer, We Founder Circle

Introducing CA Gaurav VK Singhvi, a Business Strategist, Serial Entrepreneur, Super Angel Investor, Startup Mentor and a Community Creator.

Gaurav’s journey began from corporate world, transitioning into an Angel Investor, where he has mentored over 20 aspiring entrepreneurs and invested in 110+ startups.

Gaurav is the Co-Founder of We Founder Circle, a global community of 11000+ angel investors, where he actively drives growth in the startup industry, with over 120+ successful investments. Gaurav has been consistently delivering incubation as well as innovation, apart from mentoring start-ups across the country (not just in Tier 1 cities but Tier 2 and Tier 3 as well). He has been living his commitment to making India a vibrant start-up nation.

At Avinya Ventures, a SEBI Regulated Early-Stage Venture Capital Fund, he supports innovative startups and fosters an environment of cutting-edge solutions. His involvement with, a tech-enabled platform, showcases his dedication to creating an inclusive technological ecosystem. With Evolvex Accelerator, he discovers and supports aspiring founders from the very beginning stages, empowering them and ensuring they have opportunities at every step of their startup journey.

Gaurav is the National Director of CorporateConnections®️ (CC) - India | Sri Lanka | Nepal - a global community of successful business entrepreneurs with 400+ members in India.

He is the Executive Director of BNI - Greater Surat chapter, the fastest-growing chapter in member count with 2200+ executive members in 1340 regions and the fastest-growing region in the world (out of the 79 countries where BNI operates).

Gaurav heads Gaurav Singhvi Ventures a family office investment entity which provides a funding platform for budding entrepreneurs for their start-up ventures. He is also the Founder of The Financial Supermarket - an India-focused 360° financial advisory group.

Balancing his professional achievements, he prioritizes personal growth through reading, meditation and globetrotting. His multi-faceted contributions establish him not only as an eminent figure but also as a true driving force, constantly pushing boundaries and creating positive change.

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