Dominique Rose Van-Winther

Dominique Rose Van-Winther

Managing Director Asia-Pacific, The Hoffman Agency & Non-Executive Director, Synthar - a Trispectra company

Dominique Rose Van-Winther proudly leads Asia-Pacific for The Hoffman Agency, the renowned global tech-focused comms agency. She is a seasoned marketing & communications consultant with a strong tech foundation, bringing over two decades of experience leading operations and teams at global premier consulting firms, including within IPG, McCann WorldGroup and WPP, as well as having run D-Central, her own AI consultancy.

In this role, Dominique leads the agency's operations in the Asia-Pacific region, bringing her wealth of experience to further enhance the agency's presence and impact in the technology and communications sector.

Over the past year, Dominique has focused on helping companies to build their AI strategy and upskill executives. In addition to leading The Hoffman Agency, Dominique also serves as a Non-Executive Director for Synthar, a subsidiary of Trispectra AI, and an investor in numerous deep tech, AI, blockchain and other tech ventures.

An expert in building teams and the operations to drive strategic work – with a skin-in-the-game approach for established large entities to small, nimble startups. Dominique is a strategist and geek at heart, driven by her passion for innovation, entrepreneurship, and nurturing exceptional talent. A Danish-American, she has lived & worked in France, Russia, Hong Kong, Thailand & Singapore.

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