Mukund Rajagopalan

Mukund Rajagopalan

Partner and Director, People Strategy, The Boston Consulting Group

Mukund Rajagopalan leads BCG's Leadership and Talent Enablement Centre across Asia Pacific. He focuses on the intersection of business and leadership to ensure that capability building translates into clear and direct business outcomes. He is particularly passionate about the innovative use of technology and data for capability building.

Mukund has worked with leading global corporations and governments in the US, Europe and across Asia Pacific. In addition to leadership development and capability building he has worked on various organization and HR topics (including strategic manpower planning, recruiting, performance management, talent management, organization design, HR effectiveness, HR IT and corporate universities).

Mukund has worked with various CEOs and client teams across Asia Pacific on pressing challenges of rapid capability development in the face of specific business goals and challenges. He has worked with CEOs across Asia Pacific on building capabilities of their immediate team as well as senior leadership, develop successors within the ranks, improve management processes, deliver significantly better business results and consequently build a new work culture.

Led over 30 client programs for capability and skill development across industries - selected examples of his work include:
•For a South-East Asian government, led design & delivery of skilling ~1500+ citizens to improve employability
•For a Mid-East government, led end to end design of multiple leadership programs for the public sector
•Designed and facilitated the execution of a talent development programme at a leading Bank; Created annual development plans, mentoring programme and training requirements for top 500 executives
•For a Chinese pharmaceutical company, designed and delivered a development program for the top 225 leaders to move from being functional leads to business heads in the reorganized structure
•For the leading global pharmaceutical manufacturer, designed a series of Leadership Effectiveness programmes at the CEO-1 and CEO-2 levels
•Designed and executed a customer orientation programme for 60,000+ employees of a large bank
•For the top 120 executives of a leading petrochemicals major, led a strategic skills capability building program
•For a leading global airport, undertook a program in practical innovation and creativity for the top 100 leaders

He received his MBA from Columbia University in the city of New York and a Bachelors in Architecture, from the School of Planning and Architecture in New Delhi. He has also worked on a World Bank funded primary education program where we authored a book on the design of primary school buildings.

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