Chen Arad

Chen Arad

Co-founder & Chief External Affairs Officer, Solidus Labs

Chen Arad is the Co-founder & Chief External Affairs Officer of Solidus Labs. Named by Citigroup as category-definer for crypto market surveillance, Solidus Labs provides financial institutions, crypto firms, DeFi entities and regulators crypto-native risk monitoring solutions to monitor, detect and prevent crypto and DeFi market manipulation and abuse. Across its solutions, the firm monitors more than 250 million trading events and analyzes $16 trillion in value in crypto and DeFi markets daily, protecting approximately 25 million retail and institutional entities.  

In his role, Arad leads Solidus Labs' market engagement, policy and communications strategy, working closely with the firm’s regulatory and strategic partners to proactively promote integrity standards in the digital asset industry. He is a Founding Advisory Council Member and Market Integrity Chair of Global Digital Finance, where he led the development of a market integrity and shared surveillance Codes of Conduct for the crypto industry beginning in 2018. Arad is also a winner of the New York Department of Financial Services' Virtual Asset supervision Tech Sprint, and founder the Solidus-initiated DACOM (Digital Asset Compliance and Market Integrity) Summit, and a member of the World Economic Forum's Digital Asset Taskforce.

Arad has led the founding of the Crypto Market Integrity Coalition (CMIC), established by Solidus Labs alongside leading industry partners, a non-profit endeavour focused on bringing digital asset market participants together to advance crypto and DeFi market integrity standards. CMIC has more than 50 members including 30 trading platforms who signed and committed in writing to its market integrity pledge.

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