Adam Lowe

Dr Adam Lowe

Chief Innovation Officer, Arculus by CompoSecure

Adam Lowe is the Chief Product & Innovation Officer at CompoSecure. From the government labs in the defense department to the burgeoning blockchain technology market, Dr. Adam Lowe has been on the cutting-edge of innovation. Lowe created Arculus®, named for the Roman god of safes and strongboxes, a next-gen digital security platform giving people the power to secure and control their digital assets and identities. He leads a team of engineers and technicians responsible for new product innovation and development, process innovation, and prototype design. Adam also serves as the technical lead, curating and expanding CompoSecure’s extensive patent portfolio. Adam joined CompoSecure in 2014 as a Principal Research Engineer and has held several positions of progressive responsibility. 
Prior to CompoSecure, Adam held a research development role at SRC Inc., a not-for-profit R&D company supporting the US defense and intelligence communities. At SRC, Adam led the company’s Biotechnology Advanced Technology Initiative, guiding a team developing classified technology. 
Adam holds a Ph.D. from Cornell University where he researched bio-nanotechnology and a BS in Microbiology from Salisbury University. Adam has published in a variety of peer reviewed journals, authored technical book chapters, and is listed as an inventor on over 400 patents and patents pending. 

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