Geoff Ira

Geoff Ira

Chief Executive Officer, TradeTogether

Geoff Ira brings a wealth of financial experience, backed by 15 years of industry immersion. His journey started during the tumultuous period of the 2008 financial crisis, where he managed substantial book of trades. Transitioning to the startup arena in 2016, he spearheaded client onboarding for digital banks and blockchain enterprises. His role extended to shaping policies for Fintech and Payment Services, optimizing client management within a major international bank.

In 2020, Geoff ventured into the insurtech startup ecosystem, initially serving as a Risk Lead and ultimately ascending to the position of Chief Risk Officer. This marked his second stint in a dynamic small organization, harkening back to his beginnings in a boutique wealth management firm in 2008.

Fuelled by a fervent belief in the potential of Web3 technology, Geoff co-founded TradeTogether, an innovative venture fusing traditional financial expertise with the limitless possibilities of the Web3 realm. Through this initiative, he envisions propelling financial innovation, sustainability, and ethical practices into the future.

Geoff's multifaceted career encompasses not just adapting to the evolving financial landscape but actively shaping its contours.

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