Tamara Singh

Tamara Singh

Founder, WhoWhatWhere

Tamara draws on her expertise in Financial Systems, Digital and Sustainability to consider global systems and the nudges that may help to render them more sustainable. She enjoys a portfolio career that allows her to devote her energy to her profession and her passions.

Tamara earned her stripes at Centrica Plc, BP Oil International, Deutsche Bank and Macquarie Bank, before returning home to Singapore in 2012 having led teams across energy, financial services and fund management, governing trading floors in London, New York and Asia Pacific.

On home ground, Tamara served Westpac Banking Corporation and then her country. Whilst supporting GIC’s mandate for the nation, she contributed to digital transformation and sustainability initiatives, building relationships across the financial ecosystem worldwide. This ignited her to structure a portfolio career centred on enabling sustainable organisations to scale, while championing impactful change.

At present, Tamara works at all levels across industries to both better the finance ecosystem and to further enterprises through sustainable business practices. While a venture builder for a bulge bracket bank, she focused on designing and developing scalable solutions to take the financial system forward for the betterment of all. Appointed Sherpa to APEC’s APFF Sustainable Finance Development Network, Tamara is a champion of Corporate Transition towards attainment of the SDGs. Outside of these commitments, Tamara holds Board positions with the People Centered Internet, a 501(c)3 non-profit organisation, Conjunct Consulting, South East Asia’s first social change consultancy, and Advancement for Rural Kids. She coaches leaders of organisations and advises start-ups navigating sustainability and scale.

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