Pradyumna Agrawal

Pradyumna Agrawal

Managing Director, Investment (Blockchain), Temasek

Pradyumna Agrawal (Prady) is a Managing Director at Temasek and is currently responsible for Temasek’s blockchain venture building efforts and investments, with a focus on programmable money, digital asset tokenisation, decentralised identity and data, and Web 3 applications.

Prady is a Founding Team Member of LemmaTree, Affinidi, GoodWorker, Trustana, Marketnode, Partior, Menyala and Superscrypt, and represents Temasek on the Boards of these companies. He has previously represented Temasek on the Diem Council and the Boards of C2FO and GoJek.

Prady joined Temasek in 2013 and before his current role, he was involved in global financial services investing at Temasek, including the Americas, Southeast Asia, India, Middle East and Africa.

Prior to joining Temasek, Prady was with Morgan Stanley as Vice President, Investment Banking. He started his career as an Analyst with Sharad Dalal & Co and has worked at Arthur Andersen and Ernst & Young.

Prady graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce from University of Mumbai, is a qualified Chartered Accountant from India and holds a Master of Business Administration from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.

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