Elevandi Insights Forum


The Elevandi Insights Forum, an invitation-only event, is designed to facilitate actionable outcomes through meaningful dialogue. Held concurrently with the Singapore FinTech Festival, this Forum employs long-form roundtable discussions under the Chatham House rules, fostering productive conversations between public and private sector representatives and promoting tangible results.

Each roundtable is curated alongside an anchor regulator or policymaker and purposefully curated to drive actionable outcomes such as a whitepaper, a working group, or the announcement of a commitment.

Forum Details
14 Nov 2023
Marina Bay Sands Convention Center, Level 4, Melati Ballroom

It's a platform for:

  • Policymakers to receive feedback from the industry on the rollout of regulatory frameworks, gain learnings from other regulators on implementation, pilots and live usage
  • Industry leaders to engage in dialogue with regulators and showcase best-in-class use cases

Who Attends

  • Senior Government Officials including policymakers, regula­tors and technical experts
  • C-Suite financial services industry leaders
  • Professional services partners

Policymakers and Non-Profit Partners

Professional Services Partners

2023 Programme

Inclusive FinTech Forum | 20-22 June 2023, Kigali, Rwanda

  • The Governors Roundtable: Re-thinking Licensing to Promote FinTech for Good
  • Capital Providers Roundtable: FinTech Investment
  • Digital Public Goods in Africa - Open Source Vs Proprietary
  • Alternative Trusted Credentials Approaches to Accelerate New Digital Lending and Financial Empowerment Solutions for MSMEs & Financial Institutions
  • Insights on National FinTech Policies & Strategies for Financial Inclusion
  • Financial Integration in Currencies

Point Zero Forum | 26-28 June 2023, Zürich, Switzerland

  • SME Financing via Programmable Money and Tokenisation
  • Privacy in Digital Money from a Technology and Economic Perspective
  • Playback of Project Guardian – Unlocking TradFi with DeFi
  • Fostering a Green FinTech Ecosystem - Meeting of the Green FinTech Network
  • Who will Emerge the Digital Money Winner: Stablecoins or Tokenised Deposits?
  • DLTs’ Sustainability in the Financial Sector
  • The Climate Data Roundtable: Interoperability, Access and Verification to Track and Finance Net Zero
  • Cryptoassets and Climate Change: Understanding the Carbon Footprint and Opportunities to Dampen It
  • Responsible AI in Finance: Navigating the Ethics of Generative AI
  • Unpacking Purpose Bound Money: Rethinking Programmability of Money
  • Collaborating to Deliver Payment System Innovations
  • DeFi and FX Markets
  • Artificial Intelligence in Finance: Market Transformation and Policy Considerations
  • Multilateral Platforms: Opportunities and Challenges in Enhancing Cross-Border Payments

Singapore FinTech Festival | 14 November 2023, Singapore

  • To be released soon