Diego Dal Cero

Diego Dal Cero

Chief Executive Officer, Evenfi

Diego Dal Cero has successfully established EvenFi as a leading fintech banking and financial API-driven SaaS that empowers financial innovation, accelerates time to market, reduces cost barriers, and enables the growth and development of ecosystems. The vision for his company is to be the world's leading provider of alternative finance technology, helping businesses and investors achieve their financial goals through innovative technology and exceptional customer service.

A seasoned CEO and entrepreneur, Dal Cero has accumulated over 26 years of knowledge and skills in the financial and technological sectors, spanning various corners of the world. His credentials include consulting for some of the world's top 10 banks within the expansive and dynamic banking sector.

Dal Cero is acclaimed for his open-mindedness and multicultural approach, which likely stem from having lived in five different countries across three continents. His diverse life experiences undeniably contribute to his pioneering leadership style and his successful endeavors in the fintech industry.

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