Nigel Yeo

Nigel Yeo

Chief of Staff and Lead Product Manager, Xendit

Xendit is a Y Combinator payments and digital infrastructure provider that’s helping companies in SEA to do business more easily.

I work directly with the Head of Product at Xendit on initiatives within our organization as well as across other functions. As an org, we're focused on building financial, data, and business management products to aid the growth of companies.

Before starting as Chief of Staff, my role in Xendit was the Global Product Manager of our credit and debit cards acceptance channel. I regularly worked with banks (acquiring and issuing), schemes (like Visa and MasterCard), and other key payments partners to expand and improve our product offering in Southeast Asia.

I'd like to be a PIF mentor to, as the term suggests, pay it forward! I've had the good fortune to be exposed to the Fintech industry in SEA in my role and experience at Xendit, and I'd be happy to share anything I've learnt with people who would find it helpful (and to learn from them as well)!

Would also like to expand my professional network by doing so.

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