Yao Yuhui

Dr Yao Yuhui

Group Chief Data Officer, FWD Group

Dr Yuhui Yao, PhD in Artificial Intelligence (AI), is the Group Chief Data Officer at FWD. Based in Singapore, he is currently leading FWD’s Big Data, AI and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). With over 20 years of Big Data Management and Analytics experience, Dr Yao has served in multinational companies including PingAn, UOB, IBM and Cisco to drive data-driven decision. In addition, he has published more than 15 research papers on the topic. The excellent work has earned him accolades and industry-wide recognition, and he has participated as a speaker in many conferences such as The Economist, FST Media’s Future of Financial Services, ASEAN and Insurance Analytics & AI Innovation Asia Pacific, to name a few.

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