Eelee Lua

Eelee Lua

Head of Marketing & Communications, AsiaVerify

Eelee is a seasoned business leader in FinTech, risk mitigation and commercial due diligence in the APAC region. She helps high-growth companies achieve sustainable commercial goals. 

She is passionate about leveraging technology to create a positive impact for future generations. She demonstrates it through her current role with AsiaVerify, public speaking engagements as a thought leader, as well as other pro-bono projects she has been working on.

Eelee was elected to the Singapore FinTech Association's Women in FinTech Subcommittee in 2021, which aims to empower more women to pursue their careers and make great progress in the FinTech ecosystem. She was also listed on the 2022 #Fintech65 List in recognition of her contributions to the FinTech ecosystem.

With her combined expertise in FinTech, RegTech and relationship building, her strong communication skills and people-centred approach have helped the organisations she is involved in to achieve tangible business results in the long run.

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