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9th Nov

Workshops Stage B
10:30 AM FTX
Applications of crypto in a non-crypto world
Constance Wang
Chief Operating Officer

Applications of crypto in a non-crypto world with Constance, COO of FTX. [This session is brought to you by: FTX]

9th Nov

Product Showcase
11:00 AM ANT Group
The digital “secret sauce” to reach more consumers globally
Cheng Guoming
General Manager of Alipay+ Global Payment Partnership
Ant Group

A suite of payment and marketing solutions is supporting e-wallet operators to help local merchants reach consumers globally, even as travel is curtailed amid the pandemic. Hear from Ant Group, owner and operator of leading digital payment platform Alipay, on the secret sauce that is making this possible. [This session is brought to you by: ANT Group]

9th Nov

Product Showcase
11:10 AM Prudential
FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) with [email protected]
Ian Warford
Chief Information Technology Officer
Prudential Assurance Company Singapore
Nelius Strydom
Chief Product Officer
Privé Technologies

Our speakers will talk about the financial impact of the pandemic on our readiness for longevity, and using digital tools to help people achieve FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) with financial planning. We will also provide insights into [email protected], our wealth ecosystem on Pulse, our digital health and wellness app. With [email protected], we want to help people get financially ready for longevity. [This session is brought to you by: Prudential]

9th Nov

Product Showcase
11:30 AM Thunes
Creating a customer-centric approach to business payments
Nanz Lim
Product Director

Creating a customer centric approach to business payments
The customer is every fintech’s critical source of inspiration, powering how businesses choose to innovate and grow.

To be customer-focused, Fintech businesses are leveraging on customer insights, advanced tech and data to reimagine business and organizational models.
This is an organisational effort that require alignment of company culture to cultivate the right mindset and values in all employees.

My goal is to share how fintech businesses have leveraged on technology and a
customer-centered mindset to innovate and grow in new and unprecedented ways.
[This session is brought to you by: THUNES]

9th Nov

Workshops Stage A
11:30 AM ANT Group
Innovate digital mobile payments to unlock global opportunities
Cheng Guoming
General Manager of Alipay+ Global Payment Partnership
Ant Group
Ekrem Ozer
President of APAC
Restaurant Brands International
Ignatius Ong
Touch 'n Go Digital
Lawrence Chan
Nets Group

Digitalization has been picking up speed since the pandemic.

Digital payment, the core of a digital journey, is critical to delivering a seamless end-to-end experience to consumers. It must be designed-in in any digital transformation strategy instead of an afterthought.

The industry experts will discuss the latest innovation in digital mobile payments that unlocks new global business opportunities. [This session is brought to you by: ANT Group]

9th Nov

Workshops Stage C
Decentralized Finance – Investing in the Crypto Ecosystem
Gerry Eng
CTO and Co-Founder

Decentralized Finance has been a hot topic in recent years – seeded by innovative teams building lending/borrowing platforms, decentralized exchanges, and other markets on the Ethereum platform, DeFi today encompasses a multi-blockchain ecosystem at the cutting edge of financial innovation. We take a look at the new opportunities created by this fast moving space and what the future may hold. [This session is brought to you by: COINHAKO]

9th Nov

Workshops Stage B
11:30 AM AMTD
AMTD’s InsurTech Development
Kevin Zhang
Executive Director & General Manager
AMTD InsurTech Group & AMTD Risk Solutions Group
Daren Guo
Alister Musgrave
General Manager Hong Kong
Val Yap
Co-Founder & CEO
AMTD PolicyPal

Part #1
AMTD x FWD x REAP: Introducing Hong Kong’s first ever Digital Employee Compensation Insurance

1. Introductions
2. Highlights of this First-Ever Digital Employee Compensation Insurance
3. Significance to Hong Kong insurtech & fintech landscape and business sector
4. Future outlook & closings

Part #2
Insurtech Playbook. Build, Buy or Partner: Where Strategy Meets Reality

[This session is brought to you by: AMTD]

9th Nov

Product Showcase
11:40 AM AMTD
Product showcase of AMTD Digital’s companies.

-Featuring Airstar BANK
-Featuring AMTD PolicyPal

[This session is brought to you by: AMTD]

9th Nov

Product Showcase
11:50 AM Rapyd
Building Global Trade Solutions
Jonathan Hall
Senior Director, Business Development, APAC

Next generation payment platforms like Rapyd can help small and large businesses go global quickly and more cost effectively – to collect funds from buyers globally with their locally preferred forms of payment, to escrow and move money safely to reduce risk from new trading partners, and to pay out funds to suppliers and vendors efficiently anywhere in the world. [This session is brought to you by: Rapyd]

9th Nov

Product Showcase
12:00 PM FTX
Venture Investing in Crypto
Ramnik Arora
Head of Product and Venture

As of mid June 2021, record breaking $17 billion has been invested into crypto industry tis year. With an all time high amount of interest in crypto, this session will highlight how institutions and VCs can position themselves for future opportunities/trends in blockchain technology and projects. [This session is brought to you by: FTX]

9th Nov

Product Showcase
12:10 PM TRON
Building the next generation of global Internet and financial infrastructure
Justin Sun
Founder of TRON

TRON, one of the largest public blockchain platforms in the world, was launched in 2018 by Justin Sun, and committed to promoting and building the infrastructure for decentralized Internet. In 2018, TRON acquired BitTorrent Inc which has more than 170 million active users per month. Nowadays, TRON has more than 57 million active users and more than 2.5 billion transactions per day. [This session is brought to you by: TRON]

9th Nov

Product Showcase
12:20 PM Austrade
Embedded Insurance & The Future of Distribution
Arijit Chakraborty
Managing Director, APAC
Cover Genius

While modern insurance has been around since the late 18th century, the insurance distribution process has been slow to evolve. Customers, whether buying for personal or commercial protection, still buy insurance directly from an insurer or through an independent agent and/or broker. But, with the advent of new technologies and rapid digitisation, distribution channels and processes are being remodeled and made more relevant through embedded experiences that are convenient, highly personalised and trustworthy. [This session is brought to you by: Austrade]

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