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8th Nov

Workshops Stage B
11:30 AM TRON
Building the next generation of global Internet and financial infrastructure
Justin Sun
Founder of TRON

The TRON public chain was launched in 2018 by Justin Sun, and committed to promoting the decentralisation of the Internet and building the infrastructure of decentralised Internet. It has become one of the largest public blockchain platforms in the world. As the foundation for all decentralized applications in the Tron ecosystem, it provides scalability, high availability and high loading capacity. The protocol uses an innovative and pluggable smart contract platform, in order to improve compatibility with Ethereum smart contracts.

On July 24, 2018, Tron acquired BitTorrent Inc., an Internet technology company based in San Francisco. The distributed technology designed by BitTorrent Inc. is innovative and highly scalable, enabling creators and consumers to independently control their content and data. More than 170 million people use BitTorrent products every month. In addition, BitTorrent Inc. provides 40% of the world’s Internet traffic every day.

Nowadays, Tron has more than 55 million active users over the internet and more than 2.4 billion transactions, and is in a leading position in the industry applications of popular smart contracts such as DeFi, NFT, stable coins and distributed storage protocol.Tron network is also the largest space for stable coins circulation (USDT) , with more than 50% of the global market share and more than 50 billion US dollars of cryptocurrency assets on chain. In addition, in terms of the total value locked in DeFi (TVL), it ranks among the top three in the world and currently exceeds $11 billion. [This session is brought to you by: TRON]

8th Nov

Workshops Stage C
11:30 AM DBS
Accelerating the Growth of Digital Economy in Asia
Amit Sinha
Managing Director, Group Head of Telecommunications, Media & Technology, Institutional Banking Group
DBS Bank
Host & Co-moderator
Aftab Mathur
Director, Investment
Amit Anand
Founding Partner
Jungle Ventures
Cameron Priest
Founder and CEO, Neu Ventures; Former CEO and Founder
Robin Yang
Group CFO
SCI Ecommerce

The proliferation of debt capital is a space closely watched by growth stage companies as Asia speeds ahead with its rapid digitalisation agenda.

Join us at this workshop as we dissect the roles of financial institutions like DBS and Temasek in catapulting high-growth technology companies to scale. This year, DBS and Temasek joined hands to establish EvolutionX Debt Capital to invest in next-generation technology leaders and accelerate growth across sectors such as financial services, consumer, healthcare, education and industrial development. Learn how venture debt platforms like EvolutionX Debt Capital and venture capital funds can plug into the technology ecosystem and add value to the entire ecosystem. [This session is brought to you by: DBS]

8th Nov

Workshops Stage A
01:30 PM Microsoft
Becoming a Data Driven Organisation
Bill Borden
Corporate VICE President, Worldwide Financial Services
Connie Leung
Senior Director, Financial Services Business Lead, Asia
Ivan Mazzoleni
CEO, Cultural Energy Orchestrator
Flowe Bank
Patrick Lam
Chief Technology Officer of AIA HK and Macau
Shiler Kendri
Managing Director/Global Head, Data & AI Transformation of Standard Chartered Bank
Standard Chartered Bank
Rafael Santiago Achaerandio
Director, Head of Sales Data and AI Asia

Financial Services are transforming into a more data driven organsiation and the rise of the superapps for a more personalised customer services, we will deep dive into trends and how technology have accelerated that data driven experience through superapps. We will also feature a Thought Leadership panel discussion by Bill Borden, Corporate Vice President, worldwide financail services of Microsoft with industry leaders on future of banking and insurance, the digital incumbents and eco system and how technology has become a Must have then a Nice to have in the digital transformation journey. [This session is brought to you by: Microsoft]

8th Nov

Workshops Stage B
01:30 PM PayPal
FinTech Cybersecurity: An ASEAN Outlook
Phoram Mehta
Senior Director, Chief Information Security Officer, APAC
Steven Chan
Senior Director, Head of Government Relations, APAC
Lim May-Ann
Director, Access Partnership & Executive Director
Asia Cloud Computing Association
Sithuraj Ponraj
Visiting Senior Fellow
Rajaratnam School of International Studies

During the current COVID-19 crisis, concerns over cybersecurity have been heightened in the ASEAN region with current defenses being challenged and weaknesses being exposed through the acceleration of digital transformation. Firms in the financial sector are attractive targets to cybercriminals, while SMEs are particularly vulnerable to sophisticated cyber attacks. In this workshop, PayPal and its industry partners will share views on the need to take a holistic and balanced approach in compliance, regulation and innovation when it comes to investment in cybersecurity. [This session is brought to you by: PayPal]

8th Nov

Workshops Stage C
01:30 PM JP Morgan Chase Bank
Blockchain and Big Banks: The Yin and Yang of Modern Economy
Armaan Sinha
Vice President
Onyx by J.P. Morgan
Tien Sekharan
Vice President
Onyx by J.P. Morgan

With the launch of JPM Coin and Partior, J.P. Morgan has taken the first step in introducing and enabling blockchain technology into mainstream banking at a global level. In this session, we will address the prevalent notion of blockchain being a threat to big banks, and how the two seemingly opposing forces can work together to reshape the new age of finance. [This session is brought to you by: JP Morgan Chase Bank]

8th Nov

Workshops Stage A
02:30 PM Tiger Brokers
FinTech – Changing the way we save and invest
Eng Thiam Choon
Chief Executive Officer
Tiger Brokers (Singapore)
Luke Lim
Rehan Ahmed
Chief Product Officer

Portfolio management, trading, and financial planning platforms are gaining momentum. Both beginning and sophisticated investors embrace these companies due to their affordable fees, simplicity, and user-friendly tools.

Even traditional banks are incorporating some of these platforms in order to improve customer acquisition and improve the user’s experience. If Millennials are already using apps to buy groceries, transfer money, and take out their dry cleaning, why would they hesitate about using an app to manage their budget, plan their investment, and rebalance their retirement portfolios? [This session is brought to you by: Tiger Brokers]

8th Nov

Workshops Stage B
02:30 PM HashKey
Getting Started in Digital Assets and The Tokenisation Revolution
Angelina Kwan
Senior Advisor to the Board
HashKey Group
Ben EI-Baz
Head of Ecosystems
HashKey Group
Gerry Ifill
Head of Trading and Brokerage
HashKey Group
Nejteh Demirian
Senior Production Management and Structuring Director
HashKey Group

This workshop is divided into two sessions. In the first session, we will delve into the benefits of holding digital assets as opposed to traditional asset classes, as well as tips and advice for institutional investors to navigate this constantly evolving market. In the second session, we explore the world of asset tokenisation, which is touted as a game-changer to disrupt the current financial system. Our panellists analyse the benefits for asset owners to tokenise their assets, the current tokenisation landscape, and what should an asset owner do to create their own security token. [This session is brought to you by: HashKey]

8th Nov

Workshops Stage C
02:30 PM OSL
Future Proofing Your Tech Stack for the Digital Asset Evolution
Colm Furlong
Head of SaaSOSL

As the rate of cryptocurrency adoption and investment accelerates, new regulations are designed to help accredited investors and institutions enter this emerging asset class with confidence and ease. Getting an understanding of the technology behind the asset class and the ways provide the most relevant and updated products to your clients are important first steps towards a rewarding journey. [This session is brought to you by: OSL]

8th Nov

Workshops Stage A
3:30 PM ANT Group
Innovate digital mobile payments to unlock global opportunities
Cheng Guoming
General Manager of Alipay+ Global Payment Partnership
Ant Group
Ekrem Ozer
President of APAC
Restaurant Brands International
Ignatius Ong
Touch 'n Go Digital
Lawrence Chan
Nets Group

Digitalization has been picking up speed since the pandemic.

Digital payment, the core of a digital journey, is critical to delivering a seamless end-to-end experience to consumers. It must be designed-in in any digital transformation strategy instead of an afterthought.

The industry experts will discuss the latest innovation in digital mobile payments that unlocks new global business opportunities. [This session is brought to you by: ANT Group]

8th Nov

Workshops Stage B
3:30 PM Temasek
Building Blocks Better: Paving the way for financial markets 3.0
Harald Eltvedt
Member, SC Ventures
Standard Chartered
Paramita Dasgupta
Manager, Creating Markets Advisory, IFC East Asia & Pacific
International Finance Corporation, World Bank Group
Kevin Lim
Tamara Singh
Head of Partnerships

As the financial industry moves towards a digitally native future, segments of the ecosystem are growing fragmented & over-served, whilst others remain poorly invested into.

The needs of a digital economy do not mirror the traditional—protocols for cybersecurity & open data remain nascent.

Hear how Temasek, IFC & Standard Chartered identify what gaps are in danger of emerging, & how to bridge them. [This session is brought to you by: Temasek]

8th Nov

Workshops Stage C
3:30 PM HSBC
Supporting SMEs’ international business with faster and efficient cross border transactions
Li Lian Ng
Country Head of Business Banking
HSBC Singapore
William James Longhurst
Head of Business Development Business Banking
HSBC Singapore
Narayan Ranganathan
Head of Innovation, Asia, Global Liquidity and Cash Management
HSBC Singapore

A 30 minutes roundtable session to provide insights into trends, pain points and opportunities in banking SMEs with international needs. [This session is brought to you by: HSBC]

8th Nov

Workshops Stage A
4:30 PM Prudential
AI Driven Transformation at Prudential
Madhan Seduraman
Head of OPEX Center of Excellence
Prudential Assurance Company Singapore
Venkata Krishnan
AI Engineer
Prudential Assurance Company Singapore
Priyanka Agrawal
Head of OPEX Academy
Prudential Assurance Company Singapore

At Prudential, we leverage AI in multiple streams: in User Experience, in Process Automation, to increase controls, to detect frauds and to predict future. We have a story to tell about our AI journey at Prudential and how we shape our AI driven transformation. Participants from Insurance industry are invited to join us for the session to look at our journey and to collectively determine opportunities presented by AI in Insurance. [This session is brought to you by: Prudential]

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