Profile of Exhibits: Identity Authentication & Authorisation (Eg: AML/ KYC)


Cyberneid SRL is an innovative startup specialized in artificial intelligence and electronic identity. The name “Cyberneid” comes from the words present in the mantra: “Cybernetics and electronic identity turned on” The mission is to turn on the switches of artificial intelligence and electronic identity to provide customers with innovative and business enabling solutions. By merging …



Fullstack Inc. is an online identity verification solution provider. Through its service brand named ARGOS, it aims to offer a seamless automation in customer on-boarding through Argos ID (digital ID), KYC (Know your customer), KYB (Know your business) and AML (Anti money laundering) screening services. Our identity verification services enable clients to grow revenue by …



“Quantexa is a global leader in helping organizations unify, contextualize, and act on their internal and external data. Quantexa’s Decision Intelligence Platform delivers critical capabilities to the world’s leading organizations and government agencies, enabling them to use AI and make confident data-driven decisions to create digitally resilient organizations. Limit risk, ensure compliance, and accelerate opportunity …

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KIYA.AI is one of the most innovative digital solutions providers serving financial institutions and governments globally. Our deep domain expertise in Financial Services, Digital Payments, Governance, Risk and Compliance solutions along with market-ready processes empower financial institutions to be equipped with future-proof strategies to serve an ever growing digital-first community. We transform businesses by enabling …

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ComplyAdvantage is the financial industry’s new standard of AI & Machine Learning-driven financial crime risk data and detection technology. ComplyAdvantage’s mission is to neutralize the risk of money laundering, terrorist financing, fraud, corruption, and other financial crime. More than 1000+ enterprises in 75 countries rely on ComplyAdvantage to understand the risk of who they’re doing business …



“IMTF – Excellence in RegTech Solutions IMTF is a global leader in AML compliance and process automation for banks and financial institutions, offering a comprehensive portfolio of compliance and risk management solutions. Headquartered in Switzerland and with subsidiaries across Europe, Middle East, and Asia Pacific, IMTF serves clients from all over the world. The company’s …

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Headquartered in The Netherlands, TerraPay believes that the smallest payment deserves a borderless journey as safe as the largest. The group has been building an ever-expanding payments highway that empowers businesses to create transparent customer experiences with an uninterrupted, secure, and real-time global passage for every payment, however small or large. Registered and regulated across …

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SwIDch is an authentication technology provider bringing secure authentication to every digital identity by generating the One-Time Authentication Code (OTAC), dynamic authentication codes, that are never to be reused or duplicated and OTAC identifies user/device with code alone regardless of network connectivity. Since its establishment in 2018, swIDch has been recognized for its breakthrough technology …

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Thunes is a B2B company that powers payments for the world’s fastest-growing businesses. Corporates and financial institutions can move funds seamlessly, securely and cost-effectively with Thunes’ well-established, reliable and far-reaching network. Thunes is used by leading global banks, money transfer operators, platforms and many other businesses to make payments to bank accounts, mobile wallets and …

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Leveraging on the 3 key values technology, talent and trust, we aim to allow ownership of their Web 3.0- identity and data of what represents them, rallying users through the portal into the Web 3.0 Metaverse to co-create future possibilities together.

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DBS Asia X (DAX)

Mon, 31 Oct 2022
& Tue, 1 Nov 2022
10:00 AM – 4:30 PM

DBS Asia X
1 Fusionopolis View
Sandcrawler, Level 7
Singapore 138577

Lab Crawl @ DBS Asia X: Into the DAXverse

The metaverse and related digital technologies have emerged as vital drivers of growth amid Singapore’s bid to stay ahead of the curve. These drivers will continue to play a key role in the new digital world – fuelling the demand for innovation within the digital sector to meet this growing need.

Into the DAXverse – an innovation platform where enthusiasts and innovators are free to explore, learn, share ideas, experiences, and get inspired. Through this hub of knowledge, DBS Asia X (DAX) advances itself as a robust community of learners, contributors, and leaders of Singapore’s technology pillar.

A major breakthrough in amplifying innovation was through the launch of DBS Asia X. The X in DAX stands for the unknown, and we want people to feel at home while exploring the unfamiliar here – in a safe space.

DAX converges innovation in DBS through this space by encouraging cross collaboration with start-ups and the broader FinTech community.

We reimagine, inspire, and create the future of innovation.