Profile of Exhibits: Green FinTech


Pantas offers a customised end-to-end solution which automates the carbon accounting, management, disclosure and due diligence processes for corporations, financial institutions and investors so that they can focus on what matters – carbon reduction efforts. We want to enhance the mobilisation of green capital to assist in the transition to a low carbon economy via …

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MioTech uses artificial intelligence to solve the sustainability, climate change, carbon emissions reduction, and social responsibility challenges faced by financial institutions, corporations, governments and individuals. Its comprehensive coverage of ESG data helps financial institutions make the right decisions in green finance and responsible investments. Its software helps corporations manage ESG reporting, improve energy efficiency, track …

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My-Money is a patented and revolutionary payment system, completely biometric and device-free.Credit card frauds are increasing each day.30% of the world’s population doesn’t have access to Internet.50% of people all around the world, don’t have a smartphone.All our life is inside our phone, making it our biggest weakness.That’s the reason why we have created a …

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As a global digital banking and payment builder specializing in smart financial terminals and payment technology services, Wiseasy Group is dedicated to promoting the continuous development and popularization of digital banking and payment technologies worldwide. By providing one-stop “Cloud + Software + Terminals” solutions based on advanced technical system and network facilities , Wiseasy facilitates …

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Sleek is a revolutionary one-stop solution for entrepreneurs, SMEs and investors to register new businesses from anywhere and effortlessly manage their back office admin tasks. Sleek operates in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and the UK and can support with accounting, payroll, tax compliance, business accounts, governance and much more, through a simple online platform. With …

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