Country: France


The French Chamber of Commerce is happy to participate and organize the French Pavilion at the Singapore Fintech Festival, featuring companies and talents from the French Fintech World. Find us in the International Pavilion Hall and discuss with companies that foster growth in Fintech.


Sweep is helping all companies to be on-track in their climate journey. Sweep specializes both in the ability to use the data to map your carbon emissions, and to help you realize feasible goals while managing future growth. We want companies to see carbon not as a limitation, but rather as a creative force for …

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Kaiko is the leading source of cryptocurrency market data, providing businesses with industrial grade and regulatory compliant data. Kaiko empowers market participants with global connectivity to real time and historical data feeds across the world’s leading centralized and decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges. Kaiko’s proprietary products are built to empower financial institutions and cryptocurrency businesses with solutions …

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Founded in 2010, Bactech provides trainings and consultancy services worldwide. Covered topics span from Biometrics, Cryptography, Test & Certification, Embedded electronic devices security to electronic design. The company helps start-ups in the IT security area, trains and supports large international companies, supports governmental applications of biometrics. Company’s services especially target the security evaluation of biometric …

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Finwedge is a Fintech company that has developed the WedgeInvest platform aiming to make transparent and liquid the private equity market. Its main goal is to orientate the global investment cycle towards entrepreneurship in tech, especially the first-time founders have trouble negotiating win-win deals with the investor community as a whole.


The Diapason company is a software SaaS vendor of treasury, liquidity and risk management solutions.   Diapason’s solutions help their customers with the automation and digitalization of their financial processes which supports the growth of their businesses. Just as the conductor orchestrates the performance of every symphonic musician, Diapason’s solutions simplify the daily life of …

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Banque de France is a member of the Eurosystem, which groups together the European Central Bank and the national central banks of all countries that have adopted the euro. Its three main missions are monetary strategy, financial stability and the provision of economic services to the community. Through “Le Lab”, Banque de France is strongly …



ORMEX is a voluntary carbon marketplace (VCM) focused on sustainable agriculture & based on blockchain technology. Our mission is to reduce global warming and provide food security for the current and future generations by 2050. We help farmers store excess carbon from the atmosphere in the soil and be fairly rewarded for it. ORMEX also …

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DBS Asia X (DAX)

Mon, 31 Oct 2022
& Tue, 1 Nov 2022
10:00 AM – 4:30 PM

DBS Asia X
1 Fusionopolis View
Sandcrawler, Level 7
Singapore 138577

Lab Crawl @ DBS Asia X: Into the DAXverse

The metaverse and related digital technologies have emerged as vital drivers of growth amid Singapore’s bid to stay ahead of the curve. These drivers will continue to play a key role in the new digital world – fuelling the demand for innovation within the digital sector to meet this growing need.

Into the DAXverse – an innovation platform where enthusiasts and innovators are free to explore, learn, share ideas, experiences, and get inspired. Through this hub of knowledge, DBS Asia X (DAX) advances itself as a robust community of learners, contributors, and leaders of Singapore’s technology pillar.

A major breakthrough in amplifying innovation was through the launch of DBS Asia X. The X in DAX stands for the unknown, and we want people to feel at home while exploring the unfamiliar here – in a safe space.

DAX converges innovation in DBS through this space by encouraging cross collaboration with start-ups and the broader FinTech community.

We reimagine, inspire, and create the future of innovation.