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40 Innovative Solutions Shortlisted for 2019 FinTech Awards

Oct 02, 2019

Singapore, 2 October 2019...The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and The Association of Banks in Singapore (ABS) announced today that 40 finalists have been shortlisted for the FinTech Awards1 to be presented at this year’s Singapore FinTech Festival x Singapore Week of Innovation and Technology (SFF x SWITCH).

  • The finalists were selected by a panel of industry judges from a total of 245 Many of the submissions from the growing FinTech community came from sectors such as RegTech, wealth management and cybersecurity. Financial inclusion was also a key area of focus amongst this year’s finalists, with a significant number of submissions geared towards improving banking access for underserved individuals as well as small and medium enterprises.
  • The finalists will pitch their innovations during SFF x SWITCH, and compete for a total of S$1.2 million in prize The winners of the FinTech Awards will be announced at SFF x SWITCH. The 40 finalists of the FinTech Awards will also be invited to a dedicated Deal Friday2 networking session organised by MAS and PwC Singapore just for them to showcase their innovations to investors.
  • Mr Sopnendu Mohanty, Chief FinTech Officer, MAS, said, “Several of our FinTech Awards finalists from past years have gone on to achieve success in the industry3. This year, it is heartening to see a growing number of submissions promoting financial inclusion and We are inspired by the innovative ways in which FinTechs are solving business challenges on a global scale. We look forward to seeing the finalists present their solutions to prospective partners and investors, and benefit from this exposure, at SFF x SWITCH and Deal Friday.”
  • Mrs Ong-Ang Ai Boon, Director, ABS, added, “ABS is pleased to partner with MAS in the annual Singapore FinTech Festival and sponsorship of the Global Award to recognise and celebrate the achievements of innovative solution providers in the FinTech space. In the digital economy, harnessing the power of technological advancement is key to a vibrant banking industry, enabling banks to create transformative and trusted products and services that benefit their customers.”
  • Ms Wong Wanyi, FinTech Partner, PwC Singapore’s Venture Hub, said, “We are very honoured to be a strategic partner of MAS and to have jointly organised the FinTech Awards for three consecutive years, including Deal Friday sessions this Over the years, we have witnessed a surge in the quality and innovativeness of the FinTech Awards submissions, many of which have proceeded with regional expansions. We are excited for these successful companies, and will continually support the FinTech initiatives to grow together as a community.”
  • Please refer to the Annex for details of the FinTech Awards 2019 finalists and judges, Deal Friday, awards pitch sessions and presentation ceremonies at SFF x SWITCH, and how the past year awards finalists are making progress in their respective industries.

    Annex - Finalists of the 2019 FinTech Awards (599.8 KB)



    About the FinTech Awards

    The FinTech Awards recognises innovative FinTech solutions that have been implemented by FinTech companies, financial institutions and technology companies.

    Up to 12 winners will be selected under four categories - Singapore Founder4, ASEAN SME5, ASEAN Open 6 and Global 7 by an international panel comprising industry experts across multiple domains. All finalists will be evaluated on four criteria: (i) Impact, (ii) Practicality, (iii) Interoperability, and (iv) Uniqueness and Creativity.

    • Singapore-based SMEs with at least one Singaporean The term ‘founder’ is defined as an individual who was instrumental in setting up the SME. There is no need for majority share-ownership. The SME must have a physical office registered in Singapore, and the solution must have been implemented in Singapore.
    • ASEAN-based SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises). SMEs, as defined by Enterprise Singapore, are enterprises with an annual sales turnover of not more than SGD$100 million OR an employment size of not more than 200 Enterprises qualify as SMEs as long as they satisfy at least one of the two parameters.
    • ASEAN-based companies of any The company must have a physical office registered in at least one ASEAN country, and the soluti on must have been implemented/deployed in at least one ASEAN country. The Open category allows companies of any size to participate, such as financial institutions and large technology vendors (e.g. Google).
    • One of the awards in the Global category is given out by The Association of Banks in Singapore (ABS).


    40 Finalists of FinTech Awards

    Company Name  Solution Name Description of Company and Solution
    4xLabs Pte Ltd Send4x

    4xLabs is a Singapore-based FinTech that develops software to solve issues of compliance, efficiency and transparency in the currency exchange and remittance industry.

    Send4x is a price comparison platform connecting money transfer operators with users seeking the best way to send money online.

    Bambu Semantic Equity Network

    Bambu is a Singapore-based robo-advisor technology provider that enables businesses to make saving and investing more straightforward and intelligent for their clients.

    Semantic Equity Network algorithm adopts a convergent theory to create a biological stock market network that identifies different companies that could evolve and begin to showcase similarities in the future, by using natural language processing and phylogenetic sequence reconstruction methodology.

    Bento Bento Digital Wealth SAAS

    Bento is a Singapore-based B2B2C software-as-a-service digital wealth solutions provider.

    Bento Digital Wealth SAAS is built for consumer platforms and financial institutions to launch digital wealth solutions with low capital expenditure and quick time-to-market.

    Brankas Brankas OpenBank Platform

    Brankas aims to solve the last mile problem for open banking in emerging economies.

    Brankas OpenBank technology empowers banks, FinTech partners and users to build and activate real-time secure Application Programming Interface (APIs) for payments, identity, transaction data, and more.

    CredoLab Pte Ltd CredoScore

    CredoLab is a Singapore-based FinTech that develops bank- grade digital scorecards for banks, consumer finance companies, auto lenders, online and mobile lenders, insurance companies, and retailers from smartphone device metadata.

    CredoScore algorithm churns all the metadata from smartphone devices into a score that can be applied to

    businesses to improve the quality of decisions taken.

    Data Republic Senate Data Exchange Platform

    Data Republic allows organisations to share data, with information de-identified to protect individual privacy and with commercial risk mitigated

    Senate Data Exchange Platform provides legal, governance and licensing workflows for companies when sharing data.

    Digicro Pte Ltd Spean Luy Digicro provides micro loans, from $50 to $1,000, to the unbanked people in Cambodia through its mobile app, Spean Luy, by applying machine learning to assess their credit risk, based on data from their smartphones.
    Digital Ventures

    B2P (Block chain Solution for

    Procure-to- Pay)

    Digital Ventures is a subsidiary of Siam Commercial Bank that invests, experiments and develops FinTech innovations and services.

    B2P is an integrated blockchain platform for Procure-to-Pay. Built on Corda Distributed Ledger Technology, it allows buyer and seller companies to create, exchange, verify and record business transactions. It also allows financial institutions to provide supply chain financing and payment services to all companies in the ecosystem.

    Finaxar FXR One

    To provide liquidity to SMEs, Finaxar Credit Lines enables business payments through a single, integrated platform that aligns with businesses’ cash flows.

    FXR One is a lending-as-a-service platform that allows banks to provide unique credit products to SMEs.

    FinKYCK Pte Ltd



    FinKYCK works alongside regulators and government agencies to drive financial inclusion across Indonesia.

    It provides KYC Kits that enable remote onboarding capabilities and enhanced KYC process flow through omni- optical character reading and facial recognition technologies.

    Grab Holdings Inc Grab- ZhongAn Insurance Launch

    Through its open platform strategy, Grab works with partners to provide safe, accessible and affordable transport; food, package, and grocery delivery; mobile payments and financial services in Southeast Asia.

    Grab and ZhongAn Technologies International Group Limited formed a joint venture to create a digital platform to deliver customised insurance products to Grab’s Southeast Asian users.

    Happay (VA Tech Ventures Pvt Ltd) Happay

    Happay is a cloud-based business expenditure management software provider.

    It offers corporate payment cards with built-in spend controls that are linked to its cloud-based expenditure management platform. This allows businesses to fund, budget, track and analyse their company spending in one

    place and in real-time.

    IBSFINtech India Pvt Ltd Innovative Treasury ™

    IBSFINtech is an enterprise treasury and risk management solution provider.

    Innovative Treasury ™ enables chief financial officers and treasurers to enhance visibility, improve control, mitigate operational risk, drive automation and optimise business


    InfoCorp Technologies Pte Ltd FarmTrek Project in Myanmar

    InfoCorp Technologies is a Singapore-based integrated FinTech and AgriTech company that brings inclusive financial services to the livestock industry in emerging markets via its blockchain-based platform, FarmTrek.

    FarmTrek provides cattle registry, livestock insurance and lending to smallholder cattle farmers in Myanmar.

    Kaiko Kaiko - Digital Assets Market Data

    Kaiko is a market data provider in the blockchain-based digital assets space, providing institutional investors and market participants with enterprise-grade data infrastructure.

    Kaiko collects, normalises, stores, and distributes digital asset market data via a livestream WebSocket, REST API, and

    cloud-based flat-file data feed, to which clients connect to

    build data-driven applications.

    Kashtec International Pte Ltd Kashtec

    Kashtec is a Singapore-based FinTech providing B2B e- marketplace technology solution to SME ecosystem partners, banks and other organisations.


    Kashtec’s technology solution enables businesses to create online communities of business buyers and sellers to trade online and settle these trade transactions using their Digital Trade Credit solution.

    Lucep Pte Ltd

    Lucep <> Collab 3.0 EMEA


    Lucep's omni-channel engagement system integrates with a variety of front-end digital channels (e.g. social media ads, landing pages, chat bots, online forms) and enterprise solutions (e.g. CRMs and digital marketing platforms) and offers comprehensive end-to-end lead and performance


    Mount Wish Corporation RiskPool

    Mount Wish offers automated insurance for FX, interest rate and commodity price risks.

    RiskPool is an Enterprise Resource Planning-integrated and automated (mutual) insurance for FX, interest rate and commodity price risks, based on a cross-customer netting


    MyCash Online (SG) Pte Ltd MyCash Online

    MyCash Online provides unbanked migrant community in Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia with access to financial products and services through mobile phones.

    It enables unbanked migrant workers to purchase financial products and services online and remit money across countries without any bank account, using their mobile phones.




    NTUC Income is an insurance co-operative in Singapore. It was established to make essential insurance accessible to all Singaporeans.

    Droplet uses rainfall and ride hailing data to create an insurance product that covers private ride hailing surge pricing due to rain. It is also designed with a fully automated claims process from submission to payout, through Robotic Process Automation and PayNow integrations.

    NXTBK, Inc Nextbank Credit Scoring

    NXTBK, Inc. provides modern, cloud-based software solutions for the banking and finance industry in Asia.

    Nextbank Credit Scoring automates the assessment process performed by banks and financial institutions and helps them determine the probability of whether an individual is likely to repay an offered loan.

    OakNorth OakNorth

    OakNorth allows financial institutions to significantly improve and accelerate their credit decision and monitoring capabilities. It pulls in a wide range of relevant internal and third-party data sets that enhance credit analysis and creates a forward-looking view on the borrower’s business growth

    through benchmarking and detailed scenario analysis.

    Onchain Custodian



    SAFE platform offers a multi-signatory cold storage that enables businesses to co-manage their assets or delegate full custody to ONC, based on multi-approved instructions from the client that are securely authenticated on ONC’s platform.
    Optimai Pte Ltd

    Optimai PRIME

    Digital Ventures is a subsidiary of Siam Commercial Bank that invests, experiments and develops FinTech innovations and services.


    Optimai aims to make investments simpler, smarter and safer. It also seeks to empower financial institutions to go-to- market and scale their business quickly through their multi- asset, multi-market integrated PRIME platform. The platform enables financial institutions to manage their business, risk, operations and compliance for capital markets, wealth

    management and banking services.

    Oromico Orovault

    Oromico offers a software-as-a-service to consumers and small businesses, empowering them to have a consolidated view of their finances in order to plan for future events or for audit purposes.

    Orovault is an automated solution that allows users to have a consolidated view of their finances and keep track of their expenses, income, assets and liabilities on one single platform. Pte Ltd


    Powered Chat Bot provides artificial intelligence (AI)-powered chat bots for financial service providers, using transfer-learning- based natural language processing technology.

    Its AI-powered chat bot serves as a virtual assistant to support sales engagement and boost productivity of sales agents.

    R5 R5C3

    R5C3 platform allows traders to trade with each other and choose how specific trades are routed and settled post- trade.

    Razer Pay Holdings Pte Ltd Razer Fintech

    Razer Fintech is an offline-to-online digital payment network that seeks to provide fast and convenient digital payments to youths, millennials and the underserved consumers. It enables consumers to perform cash-over-

    counter top-ups directly into their Razer Pay e-wallet.

    Skooly Pte Ltd Skooly

    Skooly is a global collaboration and cashless payments platform that enables schools and families to track and manage education progress, events and messaging in one


    Sparrow Tech Pte Ltd Sparrow

    Sparrow Tech offers financial trading technology software and solutions.


    Sparrow is an options trading platform that seeks to simplify risk control and monetisation of users’ digital assets. It empowers financial institutions and individuals to

    trade options that are settled by smart contracts.

    Stackseer Technologies Pte Ltd Merkle Science

    Merkle Science provides a risk monitoring solution for government agencies and blockchain companies to detect and prevent illegal use of cryptocurrencies.

    Techbins Solutions Pvt Ltd

    Techbins Solutions seeks to simplify online payments for the masses. is a voice- and vernacular-enabled commerce app that takes care of all household payments including monthly bills, bus or movie tickets, local deals and more.



    Digital Ventures is a subsidiary of Siam Commercial Bank that invests, experiments and develops FinTech innovations and services.

    Thunes is a B2B cross-border payments network for emerging markets. Their payment platform processes real- time transactions globally and enables peer-to-peer remittance processing, mass payout, digital payments and

    business payments.

    TransferWise Borderless Account

    TransferWise seeks to make international money transfers cheap, fair and simple.

    Its Borderless Account is a multi-currency account that allows users to send, hold and spend money in 49 currencies.

    Union Bank of the   Philippines

    Project i2i

    Union Bank of the Philippines provides banking and financial services in the Philippines.

    Project i2i is a blockchain-based transaction and payment system that provides the unbanked with immediate and cost-efficient access to a wide array of financial products.

    United Overseas Bank Ltd (UOB) TMRW by UOB

    UOB, an Asian bank, believes in being a responsible financial services provider. It is committed to making a difference in the lives of their stakeholders and in the global communities in which they operate.

    TMRW is a mobile-only bank designed for ASEAN

    millennials who prefer to bank on their mobile phones, anywhere and anytime.

    Value3 Advisory

    algoCRED - Capital Markets AI-


    Value3 is a B2B FinTech offering risk management and robo-advisory software-as-a-service solution that leverages on big data, artificial intelligence (AI) and quant research.

    AlgoCRED is an AI platform that enables capital market investors and risk managers to make better financial decisions through independent and fully automated credit ratings, research, robo-advisory chat bot and smart analytics.

    VoxSmart Pte Ltd VSmart

    VoxSmart provides multi-channel mobile surveillance solutions such as mobile voice calls, SMS, voicemail, WhatsApp and WeChat text messaging recording.

    VSmart helps financial institutions reduce risk and enable global compliance through multi-channel mobile surveillance of financial users.

    Vymo Vymo

    Vymo processes terabytes of engagement data to help sales agents understand what they should be doing on a daily basis to meet their most critical business objectives.

    ZigWay ZigWay

    ZigWay helps low-income families in Myanmar gain direct access to cheap and flexible nano loans ($5 to $200) via their phones. ZigWay provides a fully automated loan process and allows them to make daily repayments that match their daily


    Judging Panel for the Selection of 40 FinTech Awards Finalists

    Full Name Title Organisation
    Kevin Lim

    Managing Partner of 1823 Ventures Senior Vice President, Group

    Strategy of UOB

    1823 Ventures and UOB
    Adrian Ang

    Partner, Financial Services Department and Co-Head of FinTech

    and Public Policy Practice

    Allen & Gledhill
    Prashant Agarwal

    Head, Digital Marketing

    Philip Yau Group Chief Financial Officer

    AMTD Strategic Capital


    Tomasz Kurczyk Digital Transformation Director


    Stephanie Magnus

    Principal, Head of Financial Services


    Baker & McKenzie
    Sanjoy Sen

    Managing Director, Head of Strategy & Finance, Consumer Banking and

    Wealth Management

    DBS Bank
    Chris Kaptein Partner

    Dymon Asia Ventures

    Varun Mittal

    Associate Partner, ASEAN Account

    Coverage Leader, Global Emerging Markets FinTech Leader

    Mario Aquino

    Founder & CEO

    FutureLabs Ventures

    Vinnie Lauria Managing Partner Golden Gate Ventures
    Lee Weisheng Industry Head, Financial Services Google
    Anurag Mathur

    Head of Retail Banking & Wealth


    Abhijit Gupta

    Managing Director

    JP Morgan

    Vladislav Solodkiy

    CEO and Managing Partner


    Tobias Puehse Vice President, Innovation Mastercard
    Jerry Tso

    Head of Singapore Development Center and Director of Software


    Paypal Innovation Lab
    Jupe Tan Managing Partner, Asia Pacific

    Plug & Play Tech Center

    Andrew Taggart

    Partner, Financial Services Leader, SEA Consulting

    Sanjna Parasrampuria Head of Applied Innovation, Asia

    Refinitiv Labs (formerly

    Thomson Reuters Labs)

    Tong Hsien Hui

    Head of Venture Investing


    Png Chin Yee Head, Financial Institutions and Senior Managing Director, China Temasek International
    Markus Gnirck

    Co-founder & Director


    Veiverne Yuen

    Co-Founder & Chief Investment


    Dyota Marsudi

    Executive Director

    Vertex Ventures



     Awards Finalists at Deal Fridays

    Friday, 18 October 2019


    Deal Friday for Awards Finalists


    Awards Presentation and Pitching Sessions at SFF x SWITCH


    Presentation of Awards to FinTech Awards Winners


    Monday, 11 November 2019


    Winners of ASEAN SME,ASEAN Open, Singapore Founder and

    Global Awards categories


     ‘Live’ Pitching Sessions by FinTech Awards Finalists


    Tuesday, 12 November 2019


    Finalists of ASEAN SME category


    Finalists of ASEAN Open category


    Finalists of ASEAN Open category

    Wednesday, 13 November 2019


    Finalists of Singapore Founder category


    Finalists of Global category



     Achievements of 2018 FinTech Awards Finalists

    Company Name


    Solution Name

    Description of Company and Solution

    Achievements since

    participating in 2018 FinTech Awards

    2359 Media Pte Ltd


    2359 Media is Asia's leading software consultancy, focused on mobile-centric software and solutions, with significant clientele including FOX, Samsung, Singtel and Standard Chartered.


    Botbot.AI aims to be the unifying interface for enterprise software through engaging users on a chat platform they are familiar with, and in a language they are comfortable in. Through their chat interface, Botbot.AI allows them to transact, request for information or receive notifications from other enterprise systems that are more complex or

    tedious to use.

    2359 Media won the Melco Start-Up Challenge in 2019, which was organised by Melco Resorts & Entertainment Limited, one of the world's largest integrated resort operators.[1] It also won the 2018 ASEAN Rice Bowl Startup Award in the "Best Business Automation Tool" category in 2019. Rice Bowl is an awards programme in its fifth year of running that recognises innovation, excellence and best practices in startups and ecosystem players across Southeast Asia.[2]


    Active.Ai (Active Intelligence Pte Ltd)


    Active.Ai is building a conversational AI Fintech Platform from Singapore for the rest of world. With their proprietary AI Enterprise Platform, they help enable predictive and intuitive engagement with their customers on mobile, chat, or voice-enabled IOT devices.


    TRINITI empowers financial institutions with intelligent customer engagement on mobile, chat, or voice-enabled IoT devices. Their Enterprise Platform comprises of AI Engine and various middlewares with API that allows deep integration into numerous banking platforms.

    Active.AI raised US$3 million of Series A venture funding from Innocell, the venture capital arm of Spanish banking group Banco Sabadell in June 2019. This was an extension of their Series-A round in 2017 led by Vertex Ventures.[1] It also partnered with HDFC Securities, a leader in stock brokering in India to introduce Arya, the world's first conversational financial virtual assistant that enables AI-driven concierge services for equities, mutual funds and other asset classes.[2] Active.AI also partnered with Kotak Mahindra Bank to launch an AI-driven chat bot, Keya in July 2019. To date, Keya has already served over 1 million unique users with 93%

    accuracy. [3]


    Bondlinc Private Limited

    Bondlinc Pricing Engine Service

    Bondlinc is a B2B2C FinTech company specialising in trading and automation of private wealth processes relating to fixed income. Their target customers are private banks, securities houses, and external asset managers and family offices.


    Bondlinc's Pricing Engine service aims to provide fixed income pre-trade transparency to sales people and investors with their proprietary system, while ensuring that bond prices are as reflective of real market prices and actual transaction information as possible to

    enable trading.

    Bondlinc won the "Best Growth Strategy" category in the Asian Private Banker Awards in February 2019. [1]

    Cynopsis Solutions Pte Ltd


    Cynopsis Solutions is a RegTech100 company founded in 2014 and headquartered in Singapore. They focus on AML/CFT software-as-a-service products that automate the manual processes and digitise the analogue records and documentation for their clients.


    Artemis is a full case management tool that manages end-to-end customer on- boarding process, also known as Know-Your-Customer (KYC), to meet the regulatory requirements for small- and medium-sized financial institutions, professional services companies as well as FinTech and blockchain-related


    Cynopsis Solutions, the second place winner of the 2018 FinTech Awards (Singapore Founder category), was named as one of the world’s most innovative regulatory technology firms under the RegTech 100 list compiled by Global FinTech and RegTech Analyst.[1]





    Everspin is a cybersecurity company that has invented the world's first 'Dynamic Security Module' technology. Awarded by the President of the Republic of Korea as 'the best startup of the year' in 2017, Everspin is applying their technology to mobile application as an end- point security solution.


    Eversafe is a mobile security solution which enables a server to send a disposable random security module in a real-time basis to user's programme. This technology gives potential hackers no time to analyse the module to hack the user's programme. In addition to the secureness of Eversafe, the solution can detect hacking

    threats on a real-time basis.

    Within a short span of one year since winning the 2018 FinTech Awards (Global category), Everspin expanded rapidly into India and Japan in 2019. It established a joint venture with the Phoenix Group in India and secured exclusive security consultancy with all subsidiaries of Japanese financial group SBI Holdings.[1] [2]

    Privé Technologies

    Privé Managers

    Recognised as the fastest growing technology company in Hong Kong by Deloitte in 2017 and ranked 14th fastest growing technology company in 2018 by the Financial Times' FT 1000 APAC, Privé provides end-to- end solutions for banks, financial advisors, asset managers and insurance companies.


    Privé is an integrated and modular solution which enables their clients to augment existing systems without having to undergo a wholesale replacement or exchange of a system. The platform aims to maximise engagement between the advisor and the investor by making advisors more efficient so that they can spend more

    time on client management.

    Privé Technologies won the “Best Structured Product Technological Solution” award at the SRP Asia 2019

    in April this year. The award was given by Structured Retail Products Limited (SRP), which is a global structured product research firm that is part of the Euromoney group of companies.[1] Privé Technologies also won the "Best Core Banking Platform" and "Best IAM/MFO Solution" categories under the Asian Private Banker Awards in February 2019.[2]




    Technologies Pte Ltd


    insights, Media & Attribution Buying Platform

    SQREEM is a Singapore-based FinTech with proprietary cognitive artificial intelligence (AI) system that automates media buying and gives computers a higher level of understanding of human behaviour.


    SQREEM has built a cloud- hosted AI automated insights, micro-segmentation, media testing and media buying platform, with full attribution and are fully GDPR compliant. They compress the research and testing process from weeks to minutes. They are data and language agnostic, and can use any source of data - structured

    or unstructured.

    SQREEM, the second prize winner of ASEAN Open category in FinTech Awards 2018, also won the "Future Star Award" at the FinTech Business Camp Tokyo, a popular accelerator programme supported by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, in December 2018.[1]

    Symphony Communication Services


    Symphony is a cloud-based messaging and collaboration platform that securely connects markets, organisations and individuals.


    Protected with customer-owned encryption keys, Symphony's communications platform increases workflow productivity while maintaining global regulatory compliance.

    Symphony is focused on providing a solution for the financial services industry to capture the mindshare of one of the most highly-regulated


    Symphony raised US$165 million of funding from Standard Chartered, MUFG Innovation Partners and other undisclosed investors in June 2019.[1] Currently valued at US$1.4 billion, its other backers include Google, Societe Generale, UBS, BNP Paribas, along with a consortium of 14 of the world's largest investment banks and money managers, including Bank of America, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and BlackRock.[2]


    About the Monetary Authority of Singapore

    The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) is Singapore’s central bank and integrated financial regulator. As central bank, MAS promotes sustained, non-inflationary economic growth through the conduct of monetary policy and close macroeconomic surveillance and analysis. It manages Singapore’s exchange rate, official foreign reserves, and liquidity in the banking sector. As an integrated financial supervisor, MAS fosters a sound financial services sector through its prudential oversight of all financial institutions in Singapore – banks, insurers, capital market intermediaries, financial advisors, and stock exchanges. It is also responsible for well-functioning financial markets, sound conduct, and investor education. MAS also works with the financial industry to promote Singapore as a dynamic international financial centre. It facilitates the development of infrastructure, adoption of technology, and upgrading of skills in the financial industry.


    About The Association of Banks in Singapore

    The Association of Banks in Singapore (ABS) plays an active role in promoting and representing the interests of the banking community in Singapore. In doing so, ABS works closely with the relevant government authorities towards the development of a sound financial system in Singapore. Since its establishment in 1973, ABS has promoted common understanding among its members and projected a unifying voice on banking issues. It has brought its members closer together through various guidelines and banking practices as well as the support of projects of mutual benefit to face the challenges of the financial and banking community in Singapore. Today, ABS has a membership of 158 local and foreign banks. More information on ABS is available on the website:


    About the Singapore FinTech Festival

    Singapore FinTech Festival (SFF) is the world’s largest FinTech festival and a global platform for the FinTech community, drawing close to 45,000 participants comprising FinTech players, technopreneurs, policy makers, financial industry leaders, investors including private equity players and venture capitalists, and academics. The 2018 Festival saw participants from over 127 countries, hosted more than 250 global luminaries and 480 exhibitors, and featured highlights such as the FinTech Conference with a new AI in Finance Summit and Global Investors’ Summit, the FinTech Awards, Global FinTech Hackcelerator, Innovation Lab Crawl and Industry Networking and Workshops. The Festival is organised by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) in partnership with The Association of Banks in Singapore and in collaboration with SingEx Holdings. Find out more at


    About SWITCH

    Organised by Enterprise Singapore, National Research Foundation Singapore (NRF) and Intellectual Property Intermediary (IPI) Singapore, SWITCH is a platform where scientific discoveries and advancements are transformed into disruptive technology applications that will redefine the way we live. It focuses on deep tech applications in the areas of manufacturing, urban solutions, health and biomedical sciences and digital services.


    SWITCH is where companies identify new technologies for business transformation and where collaborations are formed. It convenes entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, innovator and industry professionals from diverse backgrounds. Find out more at


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