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Insurtech Others


Booth No: 4ZE06 Location: Colombia

Aflore, a community of mobile-enabled informal financial advisors for the emerging middle class. Aflore distributes loans and insurance products through an innovative channel: a network of Informal Advisors that leverages technology and the trust existing in personal networks.

Agrabah Ventures, Inc.

Booth No: 5F01 Location: Philippines

Big Data & Analytics Cloud Computing Machine Learning

AI Investments Ltd

Booth No: 5D01 Location: Poland

AI Investments Ltd. is a fintech start-up that was founded to create an innovative platform for optimizing financial portfolio management using most advanced AI and deep learning solutions available on the market.

Our goal is to create first, fully automated, AI based trading solution. We are implementing different trading strategies and support them with AI methods. We are using AI for financial time series prediction and for risk control/position size management.

AI Investments Ltd. was established in 2018 by experienced manager and investor Dominik Libicki (co-founder of Insignis TFI) and successful trader and IT system architect Pawel Skrzypek.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Blockchain & Distributed Ledgers

AI Platform

Booth No: 1K07 Location: South Korea

Biometric recognition fintech, blockchain-based artificial intelligence medical company, Ai platform.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI Samurai Inc.

Booth No: 4K17 Location: Japan

AI Samurai is a system that is adapted to search for the same or similar patents and simulate patent examination with simple operations without any need to formulate retrieval expressions or for professional knowledge. Further, AI Samurai is provided with an invention overview function and contributes to IP strategies.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Insurtech Machine Learning RegTech


Booth No: 4F23 Location: Singapore

AIDA Technologies is a multi-award winning company with advanced Machine Learning solutions for the banking and insurance industry. AIDA currently has Tier one banking and insurance clients in six countries offering solutions ranging from helping clients to increase revenue through personalise customer engagement, improve operational efficiency and manage risk and compliance. AIDA’s team has combined deep machine learning know-how and significant experience in delivering solutions with a customised engine to not just deliver high precision models but bridge the gap from modelling to adoption and use of models.

Blockchain & Distributed Ledgers Institutional Investments Others


Booth No: 4ZP06 Location: Singapore

AirCarbon Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore-based Commodities Exchange and built on a blockchain architecture based on a Ethereum and ERC20 & ERC721 tokens. The Exchange, currently supported by the Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore (SEAS), the Digital Exchange Association (DXA), is a platform for the distribution and trading of carbon mitigating investment opportunities and carbon credits generated by those carbon mitigating projects.
The company was set up by a seasoned business group, with a strong background in commodity exchange architecture, carbon trading, banking, distributed ledger technology (DLT), fund management and private equity.


Booth No: 4E26 Location: Singapore

Airome is a developer of cybersecurity solutions for digital banking and e-document management systems. The company provides a secure client-server software to confirm or digitally sign any types of operations, including transaction confirmation or e-documents signing right in your mobile device.
Our mission is to help in developing user-friendly, secure and cost-effective digital banking. Airome provides rock-solid security for financial institutions to protect their clients from theft of money via digital channels.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Banking Infrastructure Big Data & Analytics Flexible Platforms (APIs) Institutional Investments Insurtech Machine Learning Payment / Remittance Personal Finance / Wealth

AIZEN Global co., Inc

Booth No: 4J37 Location: South Korea

AIZEN is providing core technologies to enable Virtual Bank to be operated automatically throughout the entire value chain with ABACUS, a massive-scale Machine Learning Automation Platform. ABACUS serves as a core AI ‘Logic Chip’ that integrates and converts cross-industry data into ‘credit’ data in Finance. Previously joined an Internet Bank consortium with the largest telecom and e-commerce platform in Korea and is now expanding to newly launching Virtual Banks in Asia.

AIZEN is the first company to be authorized by the Korean regulator to conduct AI loan underwriting on behalf of a U$400B bank under the new regulation. To accelerate digital transformation, AIZEN is building a digital banking model in SEA by providing modularized AI banking functions powered by ABACUS.

Big Data & Analytics Flexible Platforms (APIs) Insurtech Machine Learning


Booth No: 4ZU06 Location: Singapore

Aktivolabs is a digital health startup that helps financial institutions, life and health insurers to engage and acquire high value customers, price and manage risk at scale, and provide a deeply valued serice for meaningful interaction with customers.

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