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Blockchain & Distributed Ledgers Payment / Remittance

Bitoex Technology Limited Taiwan Branch (British Virgin Islands)

Booth No: 4M01 Location: Taiwan

Committed to lead digital currency, BitoEX offers customers comprehensive services in excellent quality and unique branding.
We expect to privide human easy life with crypto currency.

Blockchain & Distributed Ledgers

Bittok Technology Pte Ltd

Booth No: 3L05 Location: Singapore Brand Origin: Singapore

Payment / Remittance


Booth No: 4E23 Location: Singapore

bitwallet is a SME incorporated in Sinapore since 2012. We are a lean SME company with experienced professionals from the payments industry which aims to provide affordable and safe worldwide payment solutions.

Cyber Security


Booth No: 5B25 Location: Canada

BlackBerry is a trusted security software and services company that provides enterprises and governments with the technology they need to secure the Internet of Things. Based in Waterloo, Ontario, the company is unwavering in its commitment to safety, cybersecurity, and data privacy,
and leads in key areas such as artificial intelligence, endpoint security and management, encryption, and embedded systems. For more information, visit BlackBerry.com and follow @BlackBerry

Blockchain & Distributed Ledgers RegTech

Blockchain Advisory

Booth No: 4L41 Location: Malta

Blockchain Advisory is a licensed Virtual Financial Assets Agent in Malta, having actively worked on past and present ICOs, exchange licensing, security token offerings, and crypto-funds. Its Managing Director, Jonathan Galea, and Partner Anton Dalli, have been active in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies collectively for more than ten years, and the multidisciplinary team at Blockchain Advisory offers the right mix of regulatory and technical expertise. Apart from working with some of the biggest household names in the DLT industry, Blockchain Advisory has also advised the Government of Malta on the DLT Regulatory Framework, and is currently assisting the Government of Serbia on similar matters.

Banking Infrastructure Flexible Platforms (APIs) Retail Banking / Investments

Blockchain Association of the Philippines

Booth No: 1K19 Location: Philippines

Banking Infrastructure Institutional Investments Retail Banking / Investments

Blockchain Association of the Philippines Societe Generale

Booth No: 2T17 Location: Singapore

Blockchain & Distributed Ledgers

Blockchain Intelligence Group

Booth No: 5B26 Location: Canada

Authentication & Biometrics Blockchain & Distributed Ledgers Cyber Security Flexible Platforms (APIs) Insurtech RegTech

BlockChain Security Corp

Booth No: 4M01 Location: Taiwan

RegTech Others


Booth No: 4G32 Location: Singapore

BlueMeg builds company governance & entity management software. Cutting edge technology to transform the global corporate services market, adding a new degree of efficiency, security, enforcement, and governance.

BlueMeg’s team is fully committed to providing custom-made software solutions to a diverse client base, from dedicated corporate secretarial, accounting, audit, and law firms to global full service corporate services providers.

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