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Passerelles Numeriques

Booth No: 2T17 Location: Cambodia

Big Data Payments / Remittances

PayPerse Inc

Booth No: 5E11 Location: South Korea

PayPerse provides a data business platform that optimized for QR code based mobile payment service which fully complies with EMVco’ QR code specifications and most of all local(national) standards such as Singapore's SGQR and India's BHARAT QR. PayPerse’ technology uses the QR code in delivering not only transaction data but also customers’ behavioral data and merchant’s business activity.
PayPerse provides total solutions for business : mobile POS Apps, mobile Wallet Apps, merchant on-boarding and data analysis platforms.
PayPerse helps Banks diversify the profit model of mobile payment business from transaction fee to data analysis-based contents business.

Banking Infrastructure Payments / Remittances


Booth No: 4ZV02 Location: Egypt

Artificial Intelligence Personal Finance / Wealth


Booth No: 3B13 Location: Israel

Serving over 65 million customers across the globe, Personetics’ Self-Driving Finance™ solutions are used by the world’s largest banks to guide customers throughout their financial lives – providing real-time insights, personalized advice, and automated programs that simplify day-to-day money management and improve financial wellbeing.
Personetics puts the power of AI in the hands of bank customers, employees, and IT teams – transforming the bank into the center of the customer’s financial life and delivering the greatest customer impact of any AI solution in banking today.
Led by a team of seasoned FinTech entrepreneurs with a proven track record, Personetics is a rapidly growing company with offices in New York, London, Paris, Singapore Tokyo and Tel Aviv.

Big Data Finance Research / Analytics Financial Training / Games Flexible Platforms (Apis) Institutional Investments Personal Finance / Wealth Retail Banking / Investments


Booth No: 3M13 Location: Singapore

Since 1975, the PhillipCapital network has grown into an integrated Asian financial house with a global presence that offers a full range of quality and innovative services to retail and high net worth individuals, family offices, corporate and institutional customers. With more than 5,000 employees and over 1 million clients worldwide, our assets under custody/management amounts to more than USD 35 Billion; with shareholders’ funds in excess of USD 1.5 Billion.


Phoenixict Co.,Ltd – Sinwattana Crowdfunding

Booth No: 4M37 Location: Thailand

Technically, Sinwattana has developed a full-fledged Crowdfunding and Crowdinvesting platform that renders applications to serve various purpose; from donation to investment. Intentionally, Sinwattana is built to serve all industries, emerging countries and innovative individual who want CHANGE to generate IMPACT for a SUSTAINABLE FUTURE

Our firm belief: ‘Funding should never be a showstopper’ 

Our alignment grounds on “Sufficiency Economy” and the 17 “Sustainable Development Goals” Disruptive marketplace that opens possibilities for the daring hearts who test drive their ideas into realities! 

Branding position, market validation, global outreach and expanding network.

Blockchain & Distributed Ledgers Financial Training / Games Payments / Remittances Personal Finance / Wealth


Booth No: 3K01 Location: Singapore

PLMP Fintech was founded with the mission of making blockchain a world standard to bring efficiency, transparency and traceability across the industries. The Singaporean firm has developed its own protocol, named Creatanium to highlight innovation, that has already secured multimillion contracts in partnership with development companies and government bodies in Southeast Asia.

PLMP Fintech’s digital currency, which follows the same branding as Creatanium, has been the pioneer of a new generation of digital assets that steer away from the volatility and virtual nature of the old ones, but are backed by a solid business model that can act as a guarantor of their stability and financial value.

Polish Investment and Trade Agency

Booth No: 5D01 Location: Singapore

Polish Investment and Trade Agency supports both the foreign expansion of Polish business and the inflow of FDI into Poland. Supporting entrepreneurs, the Agency assists in overcoming administrative and legal procedures related to specific projects as well as helps to develop legal solutions, find a suitable location, reliable partners and suppliers.
PAIH has established a system of international support all over the world. The PAIH Foreign Trade Offices comprise a global network of the Agency's divisions responsible for providing support for Polish exporters and investors who look for the new opportunities overseas. The offices have also been designed to attract foreign investors and assist them on their way to set business in Poland.

Artificial Intelligence Big Data Machine Learning Regtech

Polixis Sarl

Booth No: 4N23 Location: Switzerland

Polixis is a Best-in-Class Tech & Advisory Company, that specializes in Risk & Compliance, by blending human expertise with machine intelligence and markets’ big data. The result is a unique technological solution that has already changed the way how the key Swiss and EU private banks conduct their Risk & Compliance teams work on client and transactional due diligence.

Cloud Computing Cyber Security Insurtech Regtech


Booth No: 4H24 Location: Singapore

Pragma is a cyber security consultancy founded in Singapore by Geoff and Manish, both cyber security veterans who have been in the industry long before it becomes a major concern it is today. We have offices in Singapore, Vietnam and UK comprising of experts in incident response, cloud security, security testing, regulatory risk management and identity and access management (IAM). Our goal is to secure your digital future and we have helped many organisations from financial institutions, healthcare, insurance to fintechs and SMEs globally in managing their digital risks.

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