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Payment / Remittance

P Solutions Private Limited

Booth No: 1L35 Location: India

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Insurtech Others

Pand.ai Pte. Ltd.

Booth No: 4ZE08 Location: Singapore

Pandai means clever in the Malay language. As the name suggests, Pand.ai specialises in developing smart custom enterprise AI-chatbots for the finance industry in Asia in the likes of Great Eastern, Schroders Asset Management, Bangkok Bangkok Bank and Allianz. Pand.ai’s award-winning bots includes AskSara of AIA Sdn. Bhd. and TOMI of TMLS.


Passerelles Numeriques

Booth No: 2T17 Location: Cambodia

Passerelles numériques (PN) provides vocational trainings in the digital sector to underserved youths by leveraging their potential and willpower. We endeavour to truly develop their employability, allowing them and their families to escape poverty in a sustainable way and to contribute to the social and economic development of their communities. PN’s objective is that at least 90% of graduates escape poverty. To reduce gender inequality we select as many girls as boys to our programs. PN runs three programs in Phnom Penh, Cambodia (PNC), in Da Nang, Vietnam (PNV) and in Cebu City in the Philippines (PNP). Over 2100 students have graduated from our centres so far, over 90% of them find employment within two months of graduation and 89% of them work in ICT.

Big Data & Analytics Payment / Remittance

PayPerse Inc

Booth No: 5E11 Location: South Korea

PayPerse provides a data business platform that optimized for QR code based mobile payment service which fully complies with EMVco’ QR code specifications and most of all local(national) standards such as Singapore's SGQR and India's BHARAT QR. PayPerse’ technology uses the QR code in delivering not only transaction data but also customers’ behavioral data and merchant’s business activity.
PayPerse provides total solutions for business : mobile POS Apps, mobile Wallet Apps, merchant on-boarding and data analysis platforms.
PayPerse helps Banks diversify the profit model of mobile payment business from transaction fee to data analysis-based contents business.

Banking Infrastructure Payment / Remittance


Booth No: 4ZV02 Location: Egypt


Booth No: 5B13 Location: India

Big Data & Analytics Flexible Platforms (APIs)

Percipient Partners Pte Ltd

Booth No: 3G23 Location: Singapore

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Flexible Platforms (APIs) Payment / Remittance

Perennial Systems Pte Ltd

Booth No: 1M43 Location: Singapore

Perennial Systems is specialised financial services solutions provider delivering simple solutions to complex business problems across digital payments, lending, open banking and compliance.
We have been working on core platform development and customer implementations for payments with  Fintechs across South East Asia. We have offices located in Singapore, US and India.

We also have our in-house Financial product, GSTHero that is government of India approved GSP; built to assist the Businesses, Tax Consultants, Chartered Accountants in making them compliant with ease through the efficient use of technology. It is a secure platform serving over 50 million invoices per month.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Banking Infrastructure Big Data & Analytics Flexible Platforms (APIs) Machine Learning

Perfios Software Solutions Pvt Ltd

Booth No: 4L23 Location: India

Perfios is the leading product technology company in the FinTech space enabling Financial Institutions in realtime decisioning, analysis and credit underwriting. Perfios helps in banks statement analysis (APIs and portal), e-verification, financial analysis, Fraud check, Form 26AS, ITR, PAN, Personal Finance Management APIs etc. Perfios currently works with 100+ clients including Banks, NBFCs, Digital Lending platforms, Mutual Fund Companies, Insurance companies etc., in India and abroad.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Personal Finance / Wealth


Booth No: 3B13 Location: Israel

Serving over 65 million customers across the globe, Personetics’ Self-Driving Finance™ solutions are used by the world’s largest banks to guide customers throughout their financial lives – providing real-time insights, personalized advice, and automated programs that simplify day-to-day money management and improve financial wellbeing.
Personetics puts the power of AI in the hands of bank customers, employees, and IT teams – transforming the bank into the center of the customer’s financial life and delivering the greatest customer impact of any AI solution in banking today.
Led by a team of seasoned FinTech entrepreneurs with a proven track record, Personetics is a rapidly growing company with offices in New York, London, Paris, Singapore Tokyo and Tel Aviv.

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