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Banking Infrastructure Cloud Computing Flexible Platforms (Apis)


Booth No: 1K42 Location: Singapore

Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Retail Banking / Investments


Booth No: 4G42 Location: Singapore



Booth No: 4ZG10 Location: Hong Kong SAR China

Know Your Customer provides end-to-end digital solutions that quickly and accurately identify and verify companies and individuals during client onboarding.
Its easy-to-use platform offers quick ultimate Beneficial Owner identification, document collection, Digital ID verification and automated anti-money laundering checks in multiple languages and across multiple jurisdictions, automating 90% of compliance teams’ routine tasks and accelerating the onboarding of new corporate clients from an industry average of 26 days to ONE day.

Know Your Customer’s suite of products helps organisations with compliance, risk and client on-boarding, ensuring companies can accurately and confidently conduct their KYC and AML functions.

Artificial Intelligence Big Data Machine Learning

Konigle Pte Ltd

Booth No: 4ZU07 Location: Singapore

Konigle helps businesses use data effectively to run their business well. A truly automated business intelligence platform that self-generates personalized business insights from unstructured data. Our customers have been able to plan detailed growth strategies and solve long standing business problems that previously held back their abilities to scale. Konigle make it easy for business owners to be proactive on actionable opportunities for your business to grow, without any changes to existing software investments or expertise in data science.

KOTRA Singapore

Booth No: 4M02 Location: Singapore


Booth No: 4C23 Location: India

Kuliza is a leading provider of digital transformation and operational intelligence solutions for financial enterprises. Since 2006, Kuliza has executed more than 120 digital transformation projects for global startups and industry-leading global enterprises.Lend.In is Kuliza’s flagship lending product, a new-age lending system for banks and lending institutions to increase the overall efficiencies while decreasing the cost and go-to-market time for customers. Lend.In has been recognised by The Economic Times and knowledge partner Deloitte as the winner in Technology category. It has been recognized by Deloitte and Nasscom in the past and has als won several industry awards like the prestigious Technoviti Award by EY and Banking Frontiers, Digital Transformation Partner & Best Lending System of the year for NBFCs by elets technomedia.

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