2019 List of Exhibitors

Blockchain & Distributed Ledgers Insurtech


Booth No: 4YF10 Country: Hong Kong SAR China

Galileo Platforms in a technology company serving the insurance sector. Using blockchain technology we connect all participants in the insurance industry efficiently and in real-time. Our platform drives efficiency through the entire value chain by having a central source of encrypted client and contract data that the distributor, insurer and reinsurer all use with permissioned access.
The benefits of our solution are:
- Access to new market segments
- Easier product innovation
- Simpler, faster and cheaper transactions
- Access to in-depth data analytics
In short, the cost and speed to market with innovations is reduced significantly; thereby opening up new revenue growth opportunities.

Artificial Intelligence Insurtech Machine Learning Others


Booth No: 4ZB10 Country: Singapore

Glee Trees Pte. Ltd. Is a technology vendor and innovator specializing in cognitive automation (Robotic Process Automation with Artificial Intelligence). We were born with a vision to empower people to have more time for more value-added tasks by automating the manual business.

Payments / Remittances


Booth No: 2Q29 Country: Singapore

Authentication & Biometrics Big Data Cloud Computing Institutional Investments Insurtech Personal Finance / Wealth


Booth No: 4D31 Country: Indonesia

GreatDay HR is a pioneer in employee-focused HR application solutions. GreatDay HR which was previously under DataOn has more than 20 years of experience in providing HR management software. It provides a comprehensive solution for the HR administration of SME’s and tools to enhance employee engagement for organizations of all sizes. GreatDay HR has 120.000 active users from 150s companies. It is available in Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand. Currently, GreatDay HR is expanding its market to European market.

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