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F10 Fintech Incubator & Accelerator

Booth No: 4N23 Location: Switzerland

THE HOME OF FINTECH is a global ecosystem of Startups, Corporates and Investors, reshaping global finance through talent, technology and passion in Singapore and Switzerland.
F10 provides helps Banks, Insurance Companies, Financial Infrastructure Providers and Consulting Companies to stay ahead of the competition while fostering innovation while collaborating with startups.
F10 already has a proven track record of innovation, acceleration, and product creation for financial services in Europe. Working with SIX, the Swiss Stock Exchange, Julius Bar and other leading financial institutions, F10 is at the forefront of the new financial paradigm, bridging the gap between exciting new ideas and tomorrow’s leading products.
The F10 Singapore FinTech Incubator/Accelerator is the platform to support and foster innovation, entrepreneurs and Startups in Asia.

FICCI ( Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry)

Booth No: 4L23 Location: India

Banking Infrastructure Retail Banking / Investments


Booth No: 3K17 Location: United Arab Emirates

Fidor Group comprises of

Fidor Bank: Europe’s original neobank with an online community forum of 1 Million members.

Fidor Solutions: a fast-growing leader in open APIs, digital banking which provides advisory and cutting-edge solutions to deliver highly customer-centric digital banking propositions across the globe.

Fidor Solutions’ unique approach ‘The Fidor Way’ helps financial organisations engage and build genuine relationships with their customers using online communities, understand data with the use of AI and machine learning and earn customer loyalty while remaining relevant throughout the customer journey.

Fidor Solutions powers the most innovative neobanks across Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia such as www.fidor.de , www.moneysmart.ae , www.banxybank.com , www.o2banking.fidor.de.

The company was recognised by Forbes as Europe's 10 Most Exciting Technology SMEs For 2018.


Fin2B Inc

Booth No: 5E11 Location: South Korea

Fin2B is a Fin-tech company providing innovative financial solutions centering on Financing Supply Chain Management (FSCM) area and aims to contribute to the future of SMEs.
Fin2B's digitized factoring process allows efficient factoring process in terms of speed and costs. Fin2B's efficiency comes from electronically authenticating account receivables by working with buyer. Using Fin2B suppliers can receive fund painlessly at very competitive rate.

Artificial Intelligence Big Data Machine Learning Payments / Remittances


Booth No: 4H25 Location: Singapore

FinAccel is a financial technology company focused on reinventing financial services in Southeast Asia. Its flagship product, Kredivo, is the leading digital credit card in Indonesia that gives customers instant credit financing for ecommerce purchases and personal loans, based on real-time decisioning powered by proprietary technology.
Kredivo users can buy now and pay later with the lowest interest rate amongst all digital lenders in the country. Kredivo's merchant partners benefit from instant point-of-sale financing, powered by Kredivo's 2-click checkout. FinAccel is backed by leading investors such as Square Peg Capital, MDI, Jungle Ventures, Open Space Ventures, among others, and regulated by OJK in Indonesia.

Artificial Intelligence Banking Infrastructure Insurtech Machine Learning Personal Finance / Wealth Retail Banking / Investments


Booth No: 4H23 Location: Singapore

Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Payments / Remittances Regtech Retail Banking / Investments


Booth No: 4ZB09 Location: Singapore

Finbots accelerates innovation in the Financial Services Industry through trending technologies of Machine Learning, Data Science and Data Analytics through a collaborative and partnering approach.

We help Organisations with rapid deployment of tools to
• Convert unstructured data to structured data / reports
• Bring in Predictive intelligence
• Make RPA smarter by embedding Machine Learning solutions within processes

Blockchain & Distributed Ledgers Personal Finance / Wealth Retail Banking / Investments Others

FineToken AG

Booth No: 4N23 Location: Liechtenstein

Finetoken provides the worldwide first digitally safe and physically secure 999.9 gold token of small denomination at a cost close to material price. We enable businesses and their clients to hold 999.9 gold in their wallets and, at the same time, redeem the physical gold upon request. Finetoken builds on the dedication of its founding partners, Finemetal AG, Switzerland and CoreLedger AG, Liechtenstein and delivers a unique solution for digital real assets. Our expertise in physical precious metals, in tokenization of real assets, and the storage in Swiss high-security facilities outside the financial system allow for unrivaled solutions with an unmatched client experience.

Banking Infrastructure Cyber Security Flexible Platforms (Apis) Insurtech Regtech

Finleap GmbH

Booth No: 4M23 Location: Germany

Insurtech Personal Finance / Wealth Others

Fintech Alliance Pte Ltd

Booth No: 1L13 Location: Singapore

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