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Candela Labs

Booth No: 1L15 Location: India

Candela Labs is an Intelligent Automation firm that focuses on digitalising customer-facing and internal journeys for Life, Health and General Insurance using cutting edge technologies like BPM, RPA, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The Candela Labs Intelligent Automation Fabric brings together front-end experiences with core insurance process automation for new policy sales and channel managementunderwriting, claims management, and customer servicing. Their proven track record of working with blue-chip insurance firms to design, develop and deploy digital transformation programmes spans across Asia and Africa.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Banking Infrastructure Big Data & Analytics Blockchain & Distributed Ledgers Cloud Computing Cyber Security Finance Research Flexible Platforms (APIs) Insurtech Machine Learning Others


Booth No: 1N35 Location: Singapore

Capgemini is a global leader in consulting, technology services and digital transformation. We are at the forefront of innovation to address the entire breadth of clients’ opportunities in the evolving world of cloud, digital and platforms. Building on it’s strong 50-year heritage and deep industry-specific expertise, Capgemini enables organizations to realise their business ambitions through an array of services from strategy to operations. Capgemini is driven by the conviction that the business value of technology comes from and through people. It is a multicultural company of over 200,000 team members in more than 40 countries.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Big Data & Analytics Personal Finance / Wealth RegTech

Capital Preferences

Booth No: 5E17 Location: New Zealand

Banking Infrastructure Institutional Investments Personal Finance / Wealth


Booth No: 4M23 Location: Germany

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Authentication & Biometrics Banking Infrastructure Big Data & Analytics Blockchain & Distributed Ledgers Cloud Computing Cyber Security Finance Research Flexible Platforms (APIs) Machine Learning Payment / Remittance Retail Banking / Investments


Booth No: 4C29 Location: Singapore

Founded in 2010, CardInfoLink is a fintech company that builds economic payment infrastructure for the internet and mobile.

With business coverage in more than 20 countries, CIL serves major merchants, reputable enterprises and financial institutions to manage their payment businesses online with lower financial complexity and better user experiences.

In CIL, we help banks and acquirers to proceed with more efficient acquiring and issuing works. Our services include domestic and oversea online payment processing, and a variety of front-end products such as QR payment and membership marketing based on Big Data Analysis. Meanwhile, EVO Cloud invented by CIL support major mobile wallets in SEA region, and connects to all six major international card schemes. Furthermore, we offer many other value added customer data services that boost your “smart” commerce.

Payment / Remittance

CardUp Pte Ltd

Booth No: 4ZD05 Location: Singapore

CardUp is a credit card enablement platform enabling the payment or collection of big expenses using credit card, in places where cards are not accepted today. With CardUp, individuals and businesses can now shift these big payments, such as rent, tax, invoices, payroll and more - to their existing credit cards. This allows them to earn credit card rewards, access interest-free credit and digitise payments - making big payments rewarding.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Big Data & Analytics Machine Learning Personal Finance / Wealth Retail Banking / Investments


Booth No: 4ZF10 Location: Hong Kong SAR China

 CASHOFF Ltd. is a global fintech company with HQ in London, Innovative Research Hub in Moscow and Sales Office in Hong Kong. Highly scientific approach and talented dedicated team allowed the company to create real value for their audience. Among clients of the company there are 40 banks worldwide, including major ones with more than 100 million consumers. CASHOFF provides innovative solutions for banks and unique digital experience for their consumers. It is a white label service that is easily integrated to the frontend of Online and Mobile Banking app.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Cyber Security Machine Learning

CashShield Pte Ltd

Booth No: 4H42 Location: Singapore

CashShield is a global enterprise risk management company that leverages over a decade of domain intelligence and AI to help companies block fraud in real-time. Founded in 2008, CashShield was the first to introduce a 100% automated fraud solution. We profile more than 5 billion devices per year and over 500 million user accounts.
Tony Fadell (global tech leader, father of Ipod and founder of Nest) is an early investor of CashShield and describes us as “CashShield has an army of A.I. sentries guarding businesses and protecting their customer information. There’s nothing else like it on the market”.
CashShield secures businesses across the globe, covering industries such as e-wallet, super apps, e-commerce, travel, and digital goods etc. Trusted by leading players and governments worldwide, we partner with and secure billions in GMV for enterprises such as OVO, Alibaba, Razer, Scalefast and Grab, empowering them to complete and scale without risk.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Big Data & Analytics Blockchain & Distributed Ledgers Cloud Computing Others

CCEX Cloud Commodities Exchange GmbH

Booth No: 4M23 Location: Germany


Central Bank of Egypt

Booth No: 3L23 Location: Egypt

The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) is an autonomous regulatory body, assuming the authorities and powers vested therein by Law No. 88 for 2003, and the Presidential Decree No. 65 for 2004.

FinTech Egypt (powered by the CBE) is where startups, investors, mentors and financial corporations come together to connect, innovate and create success stories in the FinTech ecosystem in Egypt, with the goal of promoting financial inclusion and making banking services available for all Egyptians.

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