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Booth No:2U23 Location: Singapore


Booth No:4H30 Location: Singapore

ABBYY is a global leader in Content IQ technologies and solutions. ABBYY offers a complete range of AI-based technologies and solutions transforming business documents and content into business value.

ABC Technology

Booth No:4H26 Location: Singapore

 ABC Technology delivers AI-driven tools to our clients of financial institutions and large corporations to enable them to process large amount of private/public data and to further analyze the data. Since its founding, we have had huge success with clients like HongKong Exchange as our clients. We provide an end-to-end suite of capabilities based on Natural Language Processing and machine learning technology that have empowered professionals in terms of efficiency and quality improvement, cost saving, faster decision making and gaining intelligent business insights. 

ABEJA Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Booth No:4K17 Location: Japan

ABEJA provides Platform as a Service for AI development. We support industrial transformation with AI and Deep Learning technologies across industries such as finance, retail, manufacturing, logistics and infrastructure.

ABS (The Association of Banks in Singapore)

Booth No:3G11 Location: Singapore

The Association of Banks in Singapore (ABS) is a non-profit organisation that represents the interests of the commercial and investment banking community. As at 31st May 2019, our membership comprised 156 local and foreign banks/institutions and representative offices operating in Singapore

Established in 1973, The ABS plays an active role in promoting and representing the interests of the industry. It works closely with the authorities in supporting the banking community’s role in developing and maintaining a sound financial system.

Over the past 40 years, it has brought its members together, establishing common grounds through benchmarking and setting guidelines as well as working on projects of mutual benefit to face the challenges of the financial and banking community in Singapore.

The ABS plays a critical role to facilitate collaboration – with members, regulators, consumers and international organisations as Singapore grows into an international financial centre of repute.


Booth No:3N23 Location: United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), an international financial centre (IFC) located in the capital city of the United Arab Emirates, opened for business on 21 October 2015. Established by a UAE Federal Decree as a broad-based financial centre, ADGM augments Abu Dhabi’s position as a global hub for business and finance and serves as a strategic link between the growing economies of the Middle East, Africa and South Asia and the rest of the world.


ADGM’s strategy is anchored by Abu Dhabi’s key strengths including private banking, wealth management, asset management and financial innovation. Compromising three independent authorities: ADGM Courts, the Financial Services Regulatory Authority and the Registration Authority, ADGM as an IFC governs Al Maryah Island which is a designated financial free zone. It enables registered financial institutions, companies and entities to operate, innovate and succeed within an international regulatory framework based on Common Law.

Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM)

Booth No:2S01-A Location: United Arab Emirates

The Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA) of Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) was established in 2015 to advocate a progressive financial services environment and uphold the integrity of marketplace by managing any potential risks exposure and undesirable impact. As an International Financial Centre (IFC), ADGM advocates a fair, efficient and transparent regime to meet the dynamic needs of the Abu Dhabi economy and global markets.
FSRA's policies and the adherence to ADGM's rules and regulations, which are consistent with internationally recognised standards, ensure that financial entities operate with certainty, market participants thrive in an equal level-playing environment, and the best interests of investors are safeguarded.
Offering the highest level of regulatory transparency and engagement, the FSRA practices an open and progressive approach in its regulatory operations, supervision and enforcement.

Accertify Inc

Booth No:1N19 Location: United Kingdom


Booth No:3K14 Location: Singapore

Accuity offers a suite of innovative solutions for payments and compliance professionals, from comprehensive data and software that manage risk and compliance, to flexible tools that optimise payments pathways. With deep expertise and industry-leading data-enabled solutions from the Fircosoft, Bankers Almanac and NRS brands, our portfolio delivers protection for individual and organisational reputations.

Accuity is looking to deploy bank grade KYC AML & Sanctions solutions for fintech and digital asset companies in an efficient and cost effective way to support the fintech industry. Part of RELX, a global provider of information and analytics for professional and business customers across industries, Accuity has been delivering solutions to banks and businesses worldwide for 180 years


Booth No:4H43 Location: United States

Actifio helps more than 3600 global enterprise customers and service provider partners in 38 countries around the world to virtualize their data.
Virtual Data Pipeline™ technology decouples data from infrastructure, enabling dramatic improvements in business resiliency, agility, and access to the cloud.
Actifio replaces siloed data management applications with an application-centric, SLA-driven approach that lets customers capture data from production applications, manage it more economically, and use it when and where they need. The result is enterprise data available for any use, anytime, anywhere.


Booth No:3D23 Location: Singapore

Active.Ai (Active Intelligence Pte Ltd), a Singapore Fintech start-up with innovation lab in Bengaluru, India, is building a conversational AI Platform from Singapore for the rest of the world. Their core business of understanding unstructured data helps financial services design intelligent conversations. They focus on multiple financial services industry domains such as retail, corporate and private banking, virtual agents, capital markets, and insurance, commerce and wealth management. Active.Ai employs 100+ people out of offices in Singapore, India, and the United States.
For more details, visit www.active.ai or on twitter @activeaibot

Actworks Co., Ltd.

Booth No:4K17 Location: Japan

Actworks Co., Ltd. is a network solutions provider specializes in computer support and IT consultancy. Responding to the voice of customer, we developed an internal network "sentry" system called Manage Cube. Despite its small size, once connected to a company's intranet, Manage Cube can detect and block unauthorized access.


Booth No:4G30 Location: Singapore

Additiv was established in 1998 and is a leading provider in the field of digitalization of wealth managers. With offices in Switzerland and Singapore and development centers in Romania and Ukraine customers are served around the globe. An ecosystem with a fine selection of renowned and globally operating technology and service providers in Wealth Management enriches additiv’s offering.
additiv’s new Digital Finance Software-as-a-Service is based on the fourth generation modular Digital Finance Suite (DFS 4.0) and allows financial institutions to deploy class-leading client advisory, servicing and expert tools in wealth and asset management for the digitalization of new and existing business segments.

Adera Global Pte Ltd

Booth No:1L19 Location: Singapore

An era of trust begins with ADERA. We are Singapore’s globally trusted leader in data security and automation, working in partnership with international banks, businesses and governments to advance the future of a secure world.
Trust is our algorithm. Having worked with Fortune 500 companies dedicated to customers’ security, we stand on a foundation of trust forged over 30 years. From digital identification, payment solutions, automation, and smart cards – we innovate smart solutions by anticipating customers’ needs.
Because we don't just adapt to the future. We advance it.
Advance the frontiers of a secure world with ADERA.

Advance AI

Booth No:1L49 Location: Singapore

Established in 2015, ADVANCE.AI is a data driven technology company, helping our clients to be "empowered by AI" to transform their business across Asia Pacific.
At present, the company employs over 1,000 employees and has served hundreds of corporate customers, impacting millions of people. Our company has presence across several regions, with offices in China, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and other cities. ADVANCE.AI is commited to the vision of using technology to enhance data application capabilities, helping enterprises develop, and promote social development and progress across regions.
ADVANCE.AI recruits top talents from all over the world, bringing leaders from different disciplines together, such as computer vision (CV), data modeling, engineering, finance, and risk management. Adhering to the "professional people do professional things" philosophy, ADVANCE.AI integrates talent development into the core competitiveness of the company, resulting in a highly efficient and professional AI and big data team. The core members of the company graduated from top universities around the world with rich working experience from world's top Internet and Big data companies.


Booth No:4ZR10 Location: Malaysia

Affinities Village is a digital services provider for financial institutions which specializing in innovative Banking and Insurance Solutions. Our clients and our client’s client are the centre of our solutions.

Our digital solution enables customer to fulfil the KYC Process with Trusted Convenience without sacrifice security.

The world starts getting smaller when we leverage on P2P platform to start connecting communities, consumers and service providers from the Banking, Financial and Insurance industries.

Accelerate the rise the rise of digital sharing economy through our various APIs which enable our clients to stay connected. With APIs, our client can make anything possible.

Affinities Village, Connecting dots for the Digital Economy


Booth No:4ZE06 Location: Colombia

Aflore, a community of mobile-enabled informal financial advisors for the emerging middle class. Aflore distributes loans and insurance products through an innovative channel: a network of Informal Advisors that leverages technology and the trust existing in personal networks.

Agrabah Ventures, Inc.

Booth No:5F01 Location: Philippines

AI Investments Ltd

Booth No:5D01 Location: Poland

AI Investments Ltd. is a fintech start-up that was founded to create an innovative platform for optimizing financial portfolio management using most advanced AI and deep learning solutions available on the market.

Our goal is to create first, fully automated, AI based trading solution. We are implementing different trading strategies and support them with AI methods. We are using AI for financial time series prediction and for risk control/position size management.

AI Investments Ltd. was established in 2018 by experienced manager and investor Dominik Libicki (co-founder of Insignis TFI) and successful trader and IT system architect Pawel Skrzypek.

AI Platform

Booth No:1K07 Location: Korea, Republic of

Biometric recognition fintech, blockchain-based artificial intelligence medical company, Ai platform.

AI Samurai Inc.

Booth No:4K17 Location: Japan

AI Samurai is a system that is adapted to search for the same or similar patents and simulate patent examination with simple operations without any need to formulate retrieval expressions or for professional knowledge. Further, AI Samurai is provided with an invention overview function and contributes to IP strategies.


Booth No:4F23 Location: Singapore

AIDA Technologies is a multi-award winning company with advanced Machine Learning solutions for the banking and insurance industry. AIDA currently has Tier one banking and insurance clients in six countries offering solutions ranging from helping clients to increase revenue through personalise customer engagement, improve operational efficiency and manage risk and compliance. AIDA’s team has combined deep machine learning know-how and significant experience in delivering solutions with a customised engine to not just deliver high precision models but bridge the gap from modelling to adoption and use of models.


Booth No:4ZP06 Location: Singapore

AirCarbon Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore-based Commodities Exchange and built on a blockchain architecture based on a Ethereum and ERC20 & ERC721 tokens. The Exchange, currently supported by the Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore (SEAS), the Digital Exchange Association (DXA), is a platform for the distribution and trading of carbon mitigating investment opportunities and carbon credits generated by those carbon mitigating projects.
The company was set up by a seasoned business group, with a strong background in commodity exchange architecture, carbon trading, banking, distributed ledger technology (DLT), fund management and private equity.


Booth No:4E26 Location: Singapore

Airome is a developer of cybersecurity solutions for digital banking and e-document management systems. The company provides a secure client-server software to confirm or digitally sign any types of operations, including transaction confirmation or e-documents signing right in your mobile device.
Our mission is to help in developing user-friendly, secure and cost-effective digital banking. Airome provides rock-solid security for financial institutions to protect their clients from theft of money via digital channels.

AIZEN Global co., Inc

Booth No:4J37 Location: Korea, Republic of

AIZEN is providing core technologies to enable Virtual Bank to be operated automatically throughout the entire value chain with ABACUS, a massive-scale Machine Learning Automation Platform. ABACUS serves as a core AI ‘Logic Chip’ that integrates and converts cross-industry data into ‘credit’ data in Finance. Previously joined an Internet Bank consortium with the largest telecom and e-commerce platform in Korea and is now expanding to newly launching Virtual Banks in Asia.

AIZEN is the first company to be authorized by the Korean regulator to conduct AI loan underwriting on behalf of a U$400B bank under the new regulation. To accelerate digital transformation, AIZEN is building a digital banking model in SEA by providing modularized AI banking functions powered by ABACUS.


Booth No:4ZU06 Location: Singapore

Aktivolabs is a digital health startup that helps financial institutions, life and health insurers to engage and acquire high value customers, price and manage risk at scale, and provide a deeply valued serice for meaningful interaction with customers.

AlgoTrader AG

Booth No:4N23 Location: Switzerland

Available on-premise or in the cloud, AlgoTrader is an institutional-grade algorithmic trading software solution for conducting quantitative research, trading strategy development, strategy back-testing and automated trading for both traditional securities and crypto assets. AlgoTrader provides everything a typical quantitative trading firm requires to run its research and trading operations. It is the very first and most advanced algorithmic trading software product to allow automated trading of Bitcoin and other crypto assets. Based in Zurich, New York, and Singapore, AlgoTrader operates globally.

For more information, please visit https://www.algotrader.com.

Alibaba Cloud Singapore Pte Ltd

Booth No:4ZP08 Location: Singapore


Booth No:4M11 Location: United Kingdom

Alneo (albaraka Turk)

Booth No:5D25 Location: Turkey

Alneo is Turkey's first artificial intelligence backed fast and easy payment platform which has developed by Albaraka Turk - leading Turkish participation bank.

Altcoin Fantasy Ltd

Booth No:4K05 Location: Hong Kong


Booth No:4C26 Location: Singapore

Alteryx delivers an end-to-end platform that unifies the analytic experience. Alteryx empowers people to break data barriers, deliver insights, and experience the thrill of getting to the answer faster. With Alteryx, business analysts and data scientists alike can discover, transform, model, and analyze data using a single governed, collaborative, and scalable enterprise analytic solution.

Amaris. AI Pte Ltd

Booth No:4ZV08 Location: Singapore

Amaris.Ai is a trustworthy full-stack artificial solutions provider for businesses worldwide. We solve problems with cutting edge technology to advance the future of humanity.

Amazon Web Services

Booth No:3H23 Location: Singapore

For 13 years, Amazon Web Services has been the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform. AWS offers over 165 fully featured services for compute, storage, databases, networking, analytics, robotics, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), mobile, security, hybrid, virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR), media, and application development, deployment, and management from 69 Availability Zones (AZs) within 22 geographic regions, spanning the U.S., Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, India, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Middle East, Singapore, Sweden, and the UK. Millions of customers—including the fastest-growing startups, largest enterprises, and leading government agencies—trust AWS to power their infrastructure, become more agile, and lower costs. To learn more about AWS, visit aws.amazon.com.

Ambitorio AG

Booth No:4N23 Location: Switzerland

The company based in Baar is developing concepts and applications meant for high-security data transfers in the context of the blockchain technology. Focusing on high value data, the enterprise provides a platform that allows saving, transferring and licensing data sets in a manner that is immune to interference.
Building on this key technology, AMBITORIO promotes the evolution of blockchain products through the development of customer-specific approaches. Home-produced edge devices are drafted individually and are currently being examined in medicine as well as the building industry (planning, architecture). Experience flowing from research in the above-mentioned sectors is used to meet future customer preferences.

American Express International Inc. (AMEX)

Booth No:1N19 Location: Singapore

American Express is a global services company that provides consumers and businesses with exceptional access to products, insights and experiences that enrich lives and build business success. We make it easier, safer and more rewarding for consumers and businesses to purchase the things they need and for merchants to sell their goods and services through innovative payment, travel and expense management solutions.

Amica Law LLC

Booth No:1K04 Location: Singapore

AMICA LAW LLC is a leading specialist intellectual property and technology practice. Our directors each bring with them many years of experience in IP management & protection, litigation & enforcement, as well as commercialisation & licensing. Our depth of knowledge and experience gives you the expertise required to protect, manage and commercialise your IP and technology.


Booth No:4ZH10 Location: India

Amigobulls was founded with the vision of simplifying finance through good design. The company’s flagship product EnrichVideo Platform can be used by financial institutions to send personalised video statements, taking their client engagement to the next level. Amigobulls was founded by Chandu Sohoni a serial entrepreneur who had earlier founded India’s most successful local-language news platform NewsHunt. Backed by India’s top angel investors including Mr. Mohandas Pai, and Mr Sharad Sharma, the company raised its seed round on india’s leading angel investment platform Lets Venture.

AMIS Technologies Co., Ltd

Booth No:4M01 Location: Taiwan

AMIS Technologies is a vertically integrated, full-stack fintech software development and blockchain financial services & technology advisory company with clients ranging from startups to major Fortune 500 clients. As a sister company to MaiCoin, Taiwan's leading crypto-fiat exchange, AMIS helped to develop many core components of the MaiCoin and MAX trading platforms, including wallet and digital asset custodial services. AMIS also helped develop key technologies in the consensus algorithm for JP Morgan's Ethereum blockchain platform 'Quorum'. AMIS was also a founding member of the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance.


Booth No:2J01 Location: Hong Kong

AMTD Group is a leading Hong Kong-headquartered comprehensive financial institution, which operates a full-service platform encompassing four business lines: investment banking, asset management, strategic investments and insurance brokerage. Founded in 2003 by CK Hutchison Holdings, AMTD Group has grown to become the No. 1 independent investment banking firm in Asia and the largest independent asset management firm in Asia in serving both PRC regional banks and new economy companies as measured by assets under management as of March 31, 2019.

AMTD serves as a super-connector between China and the global capital market. AMTD is the only Hong Kong-based financial institution that has been selected as a Strategic Partner Associate of the World Economic Forum (“WEF”). Mr. Calvin Choi, Chairman and CEO of AMTD Group, was selected by the WEF as “2017 Young Global Leader”, the only Hong Kong based financial sector leader who has received this accolade. 

In May 2019, AMTD Group in partner with Xiaomi Corporation successfully secured a virtual banking license granted by the HKMA.  Furthermore, on August 5th 2019, AMTD International, a subsidiary of AMTD Group comprising of its investment banking and asset management businesses and certain strategic investments, was successfully listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: HKIB) with a market capitalization of USD2.2 billion as of August 15th 2019. AMTD International is the first ever Hong Kong homegrown financial institution and the first Asian independent investment banking firm to be listed on NYSE.


Antipara Exploration Inc.

Booth No:5M01 Location: Philippines


Booth No:1L32 Location: Singapore

AntWorks™ is a global artificial intelligence and intelligent automation company, creating new possibilities with data through digitisation, automation and enterprise intelligence. As the world's first and only Integrated Automation Platform (IAP) powered by fractal science principles and pattern recognition that understands every data type, ANTstein™ SQUARE digitises every piece of information for a diverse range of industries. Harnessing Data Curation and Digital Workforce Management in a unique low-code/ no-code environment, ANTstein SQUARE innovates far beyond traditional RPA to automate complex processes and provide Straight-through Processing. AntWorks' solutions power up enterprises with accurate insights through an integrated, intelligent, technology stack that automates and learns independently. Put simply, it accelerates the new, constantly.

Visit our website: www.ant.works

Follow us on Twitter: @AntWorksGlobal

Connect with us on LinkedIn: AntWorks Global


Booth No:4ZS10 Location: Switzerland

At Apiax, we combine exceptional legal and compliance expertise with outstanding technological capabilities. Together, we build a lean yet comprehensive RegTech solution that allows financial institutions to comply with global regulations more efficiently than ever before. We are the pioneers in the use of digital compliance rules and deliver a product that is perfectly suited for the open banking and API-economy.

Our journey through prestigious incubators and accelerators has allowed us to polish our offering extensively. Today, we are a team of more than 20 experienced professionals with offices in Zurich, London, and Lisbon and we want to make compliance lean and efficient again.


Booth No:3E01 Location: Singapore


AFIN is an initiative of the ASEAN Bankers Association (ABA), International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group, and the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). AMTD Foundation and Mastercard are AFIN's Corporate Founding Members. The APIX platform allows Fintechs and financial institutions to

-          discover and connect to one another through a globally curated marketplace

-          design prototypes in a secure industry sandbox

-          deploy digital solutions to drive financial inclusion across Asia and beyond


Booth No: 4K05 Location: Hong Kong

Apoidea leverages novel techniques in deep learning and natural language processing to radically improve operational efficiency and scalability of financial services.

AppDynamics international Ltd

Booth No:1L54 Location: Australia

AppDynamics is the Application Intelligence company. With AppDynamics, enterprises have real-time insights into application, user and business performance so they can move faster in an increasingly sophisticated, software-driven world. Their integrated suite of products is built on their innovative, enterprise-grade App iQ Platform that enables their customers to make faster decisions that enhance customer engagement and improve operational and business performance. AppDynamics is uniquely positioned to enable enterprises to accelerate their digital transformations by actively monitoring, analyzing, and optimizing complex application environments at scale which has led to proven success and trust with the Global 2000.


Booth No:4ZD10 Location: Netherlands

Apvera, Cyber Security Risk management company, transforms how companies manage their cyber security posture through a deep understanding of the overall threat landscape within the organization and providing an analytical platform to contextually anticipate and interpret risk. By adopting Apvera Insight360™, organizations gain an integrated view of cyber security risk, allowing to better identify, visualize, control, and mitigate a wider array of threats, providing for risk decisions to be well informed, well considered, and made in the context of organizational compliance objectives. Apvera’s proprietary SaaS platform technology uses machine learning to track identity and anomalous behaviour while offering an unmatched breadth and depth of critical data points use to derive situational awareness about near term and long-term Cyber Risks.

Architecht Information Systems and Marketing Trade Inc

Booth No:5D25 Location: Turkey

Architecht is a major tech provider for financial institutions. Established in 2014, Architecht has been one of the leading sharia compliant core banking providers in the region.
With its 200+ software developers the company develops SaaS applications for the Finance industry using cutting edge next generation technologies.


Booth No:4F30 Location: Singapore

Arkratos- an end to end innovative all-in-one Blockchain solutions and development company founded in Singapore in the beginning of 2017. Our first product, KRATOS™ is a blockchain based platform for the Physical Commodity trading industry

AsiaCollect Holdings Pte Ltd

Booth No:4ZU09 Location: Singapore

AsiaCollect is a pioneer in providing integrated world-class Credit Management Services (CMS) in the Asian emerging markets of India, Indonesia and Vietnam. Focused on the $200 billion growth opportunity in non-performing consumer loans, AsiaCollect delivers maximum CMS efficiency for its clients through an integrated product offering, which includes CMS Outsourcing, CMS Advisory Services, Debt Purchasing, and Software-As-A-Service (SaaS). AsiaCollect ensures that every debt solution reaches an optimal outcome for borrower as well as creditor, and operates on a world-class Code of Ethics, backed by a stringent set of operational risk control processes. Headquartered in Singapore, AsiaCollect is backed by FORUM, Dymon Asia Ventures, Fintonia Group, SIG Asia Investments and Siam Commercial Bank.

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