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Location: Singapore

ZigWay helps low income families access household essentials affordably.  It offers a monthly subscription service that enables households to purchase quality products in bulk, such as rice and cooking oil, which saves them up to 20 percent compared to making small purchases.  Subscribers are offered a flexible payment plan at no extra cost, which ZigWay supports through its proprietary, machine learning-based credit scoring model.  ZigWay also provides free delivery which allows people to stay safe in today’s era of COVID-19.  ZigWay has made its subscription service possible by partnering directly with wholesalers and manufacturers to source quality products, bypassing layers of middlemen.  Its mobile application helps to make logistics efficient and, to ensure everyone has access to its services, ZigWay has empowered a network of “Super-Users”.  These are local women who ZigWay trains to help register their non-tech savvy family and friends.