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Location: China

WeBank Co., Ltd. (WeBank) was officially established on December 16, 2014. It is the first privately-owned bank and digital-only bank in China. In 2019, WeBank was rated as "A3" by Moody's and "BBB+" by S&P.

Committed to its strategic positioning as an inclusive finance provider, WeBank leverages fintech to provide high-quality financial services to mass retail and small and micro enterprises. To date, WeBank has served more than 250 million individuals and over 1.5 million small and micro enterprises.

WeBank leverages technology to drive its business model and constantly conducts research and application on ABCD (A.I., Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Big Data). So far it has accumulated nearly 1,100 patent applications.

Wing (Cambodia) Limited Specialised Bank

Location: Cambodia

Wing (Cambodia) Limited Specialised Bank is Cambodia's leading mobile banking service provider. Launched in 2009, Wing is committed to providing financial inclusion to the unbanked and under-banked allowing every Cambodian access to services including local money transfers, bill payments and phone top-ups, online shopping and QR payment, as well as instant international money transfer from more than 200 countries.

Wing remains at the forefront of the mobile money and electronic payment services market in Cambodia with 100% district coverage via a nationwide network with nearly 8,200 Wing Cash Xpress outlets. It has partnerships with more than 30,000 merchants and global industry leaders including Mastercard, Western Union, MoneyGram, WorldRemit. In addition, small and medium enterprises, as well as larger companies, are able to use Wing’s payroll and disbursement services, helping to further develop its payment ecosystem.


Location: Korea, Republic of

WNNING.I is the specialist and development compnay for new generation technology of biometrics solution. WINNING.I cooperated with KFTC which is the Korean Financial Institute for the 'Touchless Biometrics solution' and contracted the annual usage license on 2017. It was provided to banks or insurance companies and activated the domestic market as a lon-in service(e-KYC). Recently, we have contracted with Samsung Life Insurance company for the 'Bio-Digital signature' service. The new service is preparing to launch in this year. Additionally. we decided to expand the market size and get into the oversea market. We were contracted with 2 resellers in Singapore and Indonesia

Wisesight Co. Ltd

Location: Thailand

We are Thailand’s No.1 in Social Media Analyzing Service. We utilize Social Data for analyzing, synthesizing and unlocking the potential of Raw Data in order to make it become Valuable Data which can make benefits for more than 200 brands and agencies in every industry by more than 200 of developer, researcher, operator and supporter in Bangkok and Kuala-Lumpur. Our services are cover Thai, English, Burmese and Malay language, processing the data via Social Media for more than 20 million messages a day.