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Location: Canada

Quantolio’s mission is to help portfolio managers take better data-driven decisions. Quantolio augments every phase of the investment management process using proprietary AI and ML algorithms, notably in:

Portfolio Construction/Optimization | Backtesting | Hedging | Portfolio Monitoring

Our technology leverages advanced AI methods including deep and reinforcement learning to develop predictive algorithms for pricing and determining optimal trading policy with a primary emphasis on liquid asset classes. 

Quantolio helped prominent financial institutions in New York, Montreal, London, and Geneva build proprietary AI-driven investment and risk management strategies.

Quota Lab, Inc.

Location: Korea, Republic of

Quotabook is an equity management platform for both startups and investors. We provide an online cap table and fund management solution where companies and investors can sync and track equity data accurately and securely better than traditional spreadsheets. Companies can also manage their cap table and corporate governance online, through which they can share a single-source of truth across all current and potential shareholders. Investors can achieve real-time fund administration through automated fund performance and portfolio reports. Quotabook is used by most of the top-tier VCs in Korea and also works with 33% of the transfer agents in Korea.