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Over 60% of central banks are actively experimenting on CBDCs today. Successful domestic CBDC projects have naturally progressed towards cross-border payments, where CBDCs offer significant potential cost and time savings through direct transactions without the need for intermediaries.

As we reach a critical mass of cross-border CBDC projects, designing for interoperability becomes ever more important. How do we design for interoperability, and what are the different perspectives to consider?

Will the emergence of new connectivity models such as multi-CBDC shared platforms, being explored in projects like Project Dunbar, change the way we think about standards and interoperability?

Importantly, how do we build towards a future where international payments are as seamless and efficient as our domestic payments today?


Brian Behlendorf, General Manager for Blockchain, Healthcare and Identity, Linux Foundation & Executive Director, Hyperledger
Jason Thompson, Chief Executive Officer, Partior
Ricardo Correia, Managing Director, Global Head of CBDC & Digital Currencies, R3
Sheila Warren, Deputy Head of C4IR, Head of Data, Blockchain and Digital Assets, Member of Executive Committee, World Economic Forum
Moderator: Andrew McCormack, Centre Head, BIS Innovation Hub Singapore

Digital Currency Series (Part 4): Standards and Interoperability in the Journey to Ubiquitous Adoption

06 Oct 2021

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM GMT+8 (Singapore Time)
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