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To mark the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s announcement of its Financial Services Transformation Map 2025, we created a new pass especially for coders, developers and testers at SFF 2022. 

The SFF Coder Pass gave the coder community full access to all of our content stages, we also complemented the SFF experience with ad-hoc workshops too.
Here’s just some of the workshops that took place at SFF 2022:

Think Like A Hacker: Web 3.0 Security

Location: Workshop zone, Hall 5

This workshop will discuss Web 3.0 security as the world shifts from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0.

You’ll learn some common tactics employed by hackers and explore how we can secure blockchain codes through penetration testing and audits utilising security tools.

Prerequisites: Prior computing knowledge

Mike Manning, Head of Blockchain and Digital Currencies, Amazon
Sujit Misra, Director, Payments, Amazon
Eric Barbier, CEO, TripleA
Hassan Ahmed, Regional Director, Southeast Asia, Coinbase
Sandip Patil, Regional Head of Liquidity Management Services & Digital Assets, Asia Pacific, Citibank

Jo Ann Barefoot, Co-founder & CEO, Alliance for Innovative Regulation


Navigating The Management of Risk In A Post Covid World

Location: Workshop zone, Hall 5

Join our subject matter experts as they showcase the rise of fraudulent activity in a post-covid world. Multinational companies and financial institutions have more to lose than just their money.

BC Tan, Global Director, Risk Special Services, Thomson Reuters
Mark Nuttall, Director, Risk Special Service Solution, Thomson Reuters

Unleash The Power of Web3 On Your App

Location: Workshop zone, Hall 5

Join us for the Coinbase Cloud workshop and learn how to integrate Web3 features into your app. We will showcase the composability of Web3 by supercharging an example rewards program using fungible and non-fungible tokens on top of a Web2 stack.

Yuyang Guo, Staff Software Engineer, Coinbase
Gerald Lonlas, Engineering Manager, Coinbase
Hassan Ahmed, Regional Director, Southeast Asia, Coinbase

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