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TimeTitleSession Summary
1.00pm – 1.50pmBlockchainlabsClick to View

2.00pm – 2.50pmRise of the robo-regulator: will technology replace regulators?Click to View

3.00pm – 3.50pmFaster and Smarter - Big data practice in bankingClick to View

4.00pm – 4.50pmSurvival skillsets for the future of work
Click to View

5.00pm – 5.50pmCustomer Data – Where are we heading and how are we getting there?Click to View


TimeTitleSession Summary
10.30am – 11.20amMaking A World of Difference with FinTech: Opportunities and Challenges for Financial InclusionClick to View

11.30am – 12.20pmDriving innovation in Data and Analytics through Start-up PartnershipsClick to View

12.30am – 1.20pmWhen "Business As Usual" just doesn't cut it Click to View

1.30pm – 2.20pmJapan Fintech ShowcaseClick to View

2.30pm – 3.20pmMaking dramatic and sustainable change in financial services, starting today
By academic, regulatory and industry professionals
Click to View

3.30pm – 4.20pmIndustrializing Blockchain Click to View

4.30pm – 5.20pmThe struggle to light a wet match: why mobile payment platforms are so difficult to launch?Click to View

5.30pm – 6.20pmFrom the First Blockchain in China to NebulasClick to View


TimeTitleSession Summary
10.00am – 10.50amBuilding a Cyber Resilient Financial InstitutionClick to View

11.00am – 11.50amThe Cloudification of Capital Markets - How Market Data APIs Allow Bank to Innovate at the Speed of a Fintech StartupClick to View

12.00am – 12.50amPrudential Workshop
1.00pm – 1.50pmJapan Fintech ShowcaseClick to View

2.00pm – 2.50pmFinTalent Awards Ceremony by First Data and PortfolioQuestClick to View

3.00pm – 3.50pmUniversities FinTech MOI signingClick to View

4.00pm – 4.50pmCreating maximum value from your intangible assestsClick to View

5.00pm – 5.50pmHyperledger Fireside ChatClick to View


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